Dan Roberts is an old friend, a Second Amendment defender, a shooter and a single father of two.  I know it was hard for him to write and ask for help, he is a proud man just like any of us, but pride must bend a knee when it comes to the welfare of children.

I believe it is going to mortify him that I post his letter here, but I do not believe I can make a better case myself.


I’ve wrestled with this for the last several days.  Im absolutely mortitified to be honest.  I, well, the kids and I need some help and we need it QUICK.  I have to somehow come up with 6 grand by next Wed or we are gonna wind up sleeping in my SUV in the middle of the Winter. The place we’ve been renting for the last two years, the guy REALLY wants to sell it since he got a job transfer to Virginia.

  Anyway, Im maybe two months away from being able to actually BUY a house for the first time in my life. But with all the rain and holidays in December, I’ve fallen behind on the rent. My paycheck this week was for 157.00 bucks.  That doesnt even cover groceries for the week these days.   Anyway, the owner has already said he’s willing to work with me, but he also did file eviction papers ( he told me he was going to) but would withdrawl them if I got current before the hearing.  Monday the 8th is the last day I have to call the Magistrate Court and request a hearing, which will only delay things by a few days.

I’ve contacted literally EVERY charitable organization in the area and NONE of them are able to help.  They are out of funds and or have mile long waiting lists.  I check all the real estate sites every other day and there are a grand total of FIVE rentals available in the area, all MORE than what Im paying now, and of course all would want significant security deposits, which I also dont have.

I’ve cut expenses to the bone in every area I can as well as sold off a bunch of stuff just trying to stay above water to this point.
CJ has some pretty intense emotional issues that he’s seeing a counselor for on a weekly basis, all stemming from when his momma took off when he was little, and growing up without a Mom, and he’s struggling to pass 8th grade this year. Im desperately trying to minimize adding to his issues with even more trauma if we wind up homeless, even temporarily.

Florida had finally caught up with my ex and was I actually getting regular child support payments for the month of December for the first time in almost a decade.  She currently owes me over 44 grand in back support.  But now through a trusted source I just found out she’s no longer working, so thats stopped as well.

Once I can go to closing on buying a place, things will be much easier.  I’ve run the numbers with my realtor and broker multiple times and it always winds up being several hundred a month cheaper to own as opposed to rent. Plus by the time we actually get to closing at the end of Feb or beginning of March I will have my tax refund for the year in hand and we will be starting to ramp back up at work and I’ll get back to my normal routine of 50 to 55 hours a week and bringing home over 1k a week in my paycheck.

I even reached out to some of my old FireFighting buddies at former stations and they cant do any fundraisers for such a scenario because they are worried that it will open the flood gates of other people making similar requests. At least thats what Im being told anyway.

I havent been in this dark a place since me and the ex broke up after nearly 14 years and I suddenly found myself coming home to an empty house.

If it turns out there’s anything at all you can do, Im more than willing to look at a HELOC as soon as its feasible in order to repay.

I REALLY appreciate just being able to send you this and let you know whats going on. Im keeping this off my Facebook page because I know the ex or someone we both know stalks it and I really dont need her finding out and then trying to use it to start up fighting for where CJ will live.


You can help him with whatever you can spare (I know it is January and the expenses from last month ain’t a joke) but truthfully, anything you can send them will be a great help.  At least my traditional measure of the price of one box of 9mm Winchester White Box ($25) if you can muster it.

He has CashApp (Pay $DERoberts73 on Cash App) and a GiveSendGo page.  I beg you to help my dear friend and his family.

And if the young lady seems familiar to you, it is because she is Shyanne Roberts and you have either seen her competing or know about her growing up in the action shooting circles.

And to my fellow Gun Bloggers, please give us a hand sharing this fundraiser with your readers.

And thank you all for your help.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

3 thoughts on “We need your help for a fellow Blog Reader.”
  1. Renting a new place is not a trivial thing these days.

    I closed on my old place, the last entanglement from the divorce last Friday. Before that I had to get a place, and relatively fast.

    I was lucky that prices came down enough that I could afford to stay close to the old house.


    Security deposit (a months rent) + a months rent + pet deposit = $3980, cashiers check or zelle.

    I wanted to move early + $287.

    So, $4K cash on the barrel head to live in a dump.

    My point isn’t to moan about it. I have money, and even more so now. But to point out dude’s in a bind. A big one. I’mma donate.

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