Apparently one of the long term effects of COVID in children is diabetes.

Since it’s irrefutable that COVID came from the the Wuhan Lab and Fauci and the NIH were involved in funding gain of function research there, I believe that we should drop, and continue to drop, thermonuclear weapons onto China until every last strand of DNA in every last living organism in that country, down to the bacteria in the soil, has be shattered by ionizing radiation.

Then we drop Fauci, the staff of the NIH and CDC, and everyone involved in the gain of function research out of the back of a C-130 at 15,000 feet over the radioactive wasteland formerly known as China.

For the children.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “We should drop all the bombs”
  1. It’ll be very interesting indeed if that turns out to be caused by the spike protein… and thus a consequence of the “vaccines” as well as of the virus.

    By the way… anyone else noticing an awful lot of 50- and 60-something employed people suddenly dropping dead of nothing in particular?

    1. Anyone else notice an awful lot of mid-20 soccer (footballers) players suffering heart attacks suddenly?

      One would think someone who’s job is to run around would have a pretty solid ticker, and instead of 30 (approx) dead in one year, you might get one dead in 30 years.

      But, correlation is not causation, however, it is a place to start.

    1. I would suggest we empanel prosecutors and have trials to find the guilty, but they would put Donald Trump and the NYC Doctor that first recommended HCQ in the dock.

  2. You can save a ton of jet-A fuel by doing much lower altitude hops; terminal velocity is achieved at ~1500ft. So then you can do a bunch of fast turnarounds.

  3. “The Fauci/Dazak/Ecohealth Virus causes diabetes in children”:
    BULLSHIT !!!!!
    If I read the study correctly, it applies to children hospitalized for the virus.
    We already know that children hospitalized with legitimate Wuhan cases had comorbid factors.
    Confounding variables……………………….
    Everything the CDC claims is false

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