If you have been following the news the Left has made an about-face on masking kids in school.

The New York Times, CNN’s medical expert Dr. Leana Wen, and others have admitted that mask wearing by children in schools is utterly useless.

Virginia passed a bipartisan bill making masks in school optional.

This occurred after Stacey Abrams got caught in Georgia visiting a school unmasked while all the kids were masked, and then called everyone who called her a hypocrite “racist.”

This occurred after countless Progressives such as AOC, Eric Swalwell, and Gavin Newsom were caught at public events unmasked.

I’m old enough to remember how for the last two years how these very same people called those of us who didn’t want to wear masks selfish grandma-killers who deserved to be driven out of polite society.

They did this long after it was demonstrated unequivocally that the vast majority of masks and situations in which people were told to wear masks had zero influence on the spread of COVID-19.

They did this long after it was demonstrated unequivocally that masking hurt children, causing them to have educational, developmental, and socialization delays.

The reason for continuing mask mandates was made perfectly clear by a Democrat Virginia State Senator (who, to be fair, has been against masking of children for a while).

“The decision to wear a mask in public – when there is so little correlation with public health – makes it de facto a political decision. In other words, by wearing a mask in a public setting, the wearer is able to communicate a political message, e.g. “I Care About Others” or “I voted for Biden.””

It is crystal clear that the change in the Left’s opinion on masking children (and everyone else) had nothing to do with science and everything to do with polling and Biden’s crashing popularity.

Reading off of this I found myself thinking of these two movie scenes:


The Leftists who harangued and abused us for two years over masks cannot be allowed to pretend like they didn’t do what they did and have been simply motivated by “the science” and concern for the public health this entire time so they can escape any political fallout come midterms.

They should be indelibly marked as maskers forever so that we can hold them accountable as the damage to our children continues to manifest for years to come.

A big “M” carved into their foreheads is a good start.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “We should take the Lt. Aldo Raine approach to maskers”
  1. Can we put a V on the vaxxers? Got a co-worker who is adamant her toddler must be vaccinated ASAP!!!!!

    And, taking bets here. How long before they drop the masking requirement on planes? I am thinking it will not be before April, but I remain optimistic.

  2. If someone finds these hypocritical idiots dead with a mask duct taped over their Nose and Mouth? I am going to laugh and laugh and laugh.

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