Here is Seth Rogan on The Late Show telling a story with a lot of joy.

Of course The Late Show endorsed this kind of behavior.

What I learned here is this:

When a Republican puts on an event to help people with brain disease and a celebrity like Seth Rogen is invited because he has a charity for Alzheimers, Rogen can’t put asides politics for one night to benefit people.  Instead, he has to be a total cock to Paul Ryan’s kids.

Not just that, he has to make it very clear that he feels totally morally justified in letting two of his fans know that everyone in every Hollywood movie they enjoy hates their father.

My suggestion here is that Paul Ryan’s parting gift to the House is to pass a bill that eliminates all tax breaks and subsidies and makes illegal the shenanigans that is Hollywood accounting.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Hollywood”
  1. The same tactic works in sports. A sports team is actually multiple corporations: the team, the venue, and others. The team actually has to pay the venue for the use of the stadium, which is why they never show a profit.

  2. Seth Rogan…. ugh! Dumbass no-talent hack.
    His “acting” curdles milk and his laugh causes gravid animals to abort.
    Wouldn’t piss on this progtard if he was on fire and there was no water for miles.

  3. If you go to the movies, buy or rent discs, have cable/satellite and/or have a subscription to a streaming service this is what you’re paying for!

    We’re paying for, I should say since I have Dish…

  4. Did you see him bragging that he’s been smoking pot since he was 13? No wonder his brain is non-functional.

    Your brain is not fully developed until you are about 25 years old. Fooling around with your neuronal chemistry for half of that time has been shown to have permanent deleterious effects. I hope the young fans no longer idolize this loser.

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