Moderate Liberal Asian women reporter from San Francisco sees what’s going on around her and buys a gun for personal protection.

One of a growing demographic of diverse people who never thought they needed or wanted a gun until they do.

Welcome to Club Freedom and Personal Responsibility, glad you could join us, feel free to invite your friends.

The only rule is don’t pull up the ladder behind you.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Welcome to the club, glad you could join us.”
  1. Some guy commented about how owning guns poses more of a danger to the owner than crime and points to suicide statistics.

    What hogwash! It’s the great equalizer! Don’t think you are doing me a favor by trying to disarm me.

    1. That comment is based on what a prominent gun rights writer called the “nonsense ratio” — a comparison invented by dumb people several decades ago which observed that more people die from suicide than are killed by defensive gun usage.
      That may be true, but it’s nonsensical because it pretends that the purpose of defensive gun use is the death of the attacker, which is not just wrong but viciously offensive. And the number is worthless because only about 2 percent of defensive gun usage results in the death of the attacker. So the correct comparison is gun suicide compared with total defensive gun usage, and in that comparison the total defensive gun usage is the dramatically larger number. As I recall, among the sources for that answer is FBI crime and defensive gun usage data, which confirm what I said even though the FBI numbers significantly understate the total defensive gun usage.

  2. Well, good for her. Also … Good luck getting a carry permit in SFO. I wonder if she’s looked into that yet, and what choices she’ll make when she finds out it’s almost impossible.

    At least the Santa Clara County sheriff is now indicted on charges including concealed carry permit application holdups and favoritism / pay-to-play. Article over at Bearing Arms.

  3. Whole hell of a lot of good it’ll do her unless she pulls some of that privilege of hers and buys a concealed permit from her local friendly Sherriff… otherwise it’s about as useless as an asshole on your elbow.

    F&*K CA

  4. Well, she ain’t gonna carry that in public without bribing the county sheriff. Being she’s one of the ‘pretty people’ and can give cause as to why her life is more valuable than mine, she may just get that coveted prize.
    Sheriff Laurie Smith of Santa Clara County(The Silicon Valley) is now in the news and the Grand Jury is after her for her issuance ‘policies’.
    California is ‘May issue’. If you live in the massive population centers: The SF Bay Area, Los Angeles basin, San Diego, or Sacramento, you won’t get a permit unless you are someone, know someone, or bribe someone.

  5. and, as usual, take a look at the comments and compare. Gun people – Hey, good job, welcome to the club/ Lefties – you’re a fox news republican, what’s wrong w/ you? .

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