Welcome to the beginning of another year of crisis.

One and a half years after the Supreme Court issued their opinion in the Bruen case, not a single Second Amendment challenge has been resolved. Every state that had Draconian infringements now has worse infringements.

After Bruen I was hoping to get a permit to carry in MA. That is not happening anytime soon.

The economy is the worse I’ve ever seen it. For the first time in my life, I’m stressing about bringing in enough money for the family.

We are already into the campaign process. I’m watching Biden hide in the basement, not bothering to campaign at all. Meanwhile, the media is attacking each of the Republican candidates in turn. It will only get worse.

I’ve decided on my next project, I just do a reasonable job of it.

It turns out that there are multiple different companies that sell trimmers for cutting cases to length. The issue is setting the distance to trim. Both Lee and Lyman have a system where a probe goes through the flash hole to bottom out on the case holder.

Those probes fit all the standard cutters.

The cutters have standard threads.

My project is a geared motor driving the trimmer. The connection will be via rubber pulley. The shaft will feed through the face and where a gear will be mounted. That will drive a distribution gear to drive three other shafts. Feeding back to the front where they will be drilled and tapped to take the standard case prep tools.

So, when setup and running, you will be able to trim a case to length, chamfer the outside, chamfer the inside and then mount the next case for processing. When doing the pockets, you can have up to four tools spinning. I figure a reamer, a normalizer, and a pocket hole cleaner.

It is all fun, I’ve got some Delrin rods to make gears from, looking forward to making this monster.

Happy New Years to you all.

Stay ready, stay prepared, have fun.

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13 thoughts on “Welcome to the New Year!”
  1. When I had a few thousand 9mm that had military crimps on the primer pocket I just used small 12v battery drill and RCBS pocket tool directly into the chuck. About 3 seconds a case.

    I also used the drill as power trim a lot of 30-06 on a Hornady case trimmer.

    1. My original method was to put each case in the Lyman trimming tool. The fancy one. A drill drove the cutter. Just push until it trims correctly. The problem I had was trusting the stop when I was putting pressure on the cutter.
      I made an adaptor to hold standard tools #8-32 threads that I could chuck up in my drill. With that I could deburr, chamfer, ream, normalize and clean the primer pockets. The issue was that each of the steps required multiple handling of the case. That’s what this gizmo is supposed to fix. Only handle the case twice. Once for the case mouth, once for the primer pocket.

  2. The caseinator sounds like it might maybe be patentable. Or at least something other people – high-volume reloaders, for instance – might be interested in. Just a thought.

    1. There are people paying north of $2k for powder measures. Anything that makes case prep easier for them is likely a win.

  3. Case trimming…the most hated part of reloading.
    But there are tools that ease the pain.
    Check out LITTLE CROW GUNWORKS TRIMMERS for ideas for your project.
    And just about everyone offers a mulit function deck that can trim , debur inside and out , and prep primer pockets.

    The Frankford Arsenal Reloading Tools Platinum Series Case Prep and Trim System 903156 is a good example. Many ideas there.
    Good luck And Happy new Year..
    Need pictures of the finished setup.

    1. I have looked at those gizmos. I’m doing this for learning and because I have the shop. Cutting gears is going to be fun.

  4. To second Boris’ comment (above) it might be worthwhile if, during the design stage, consideration was given to potential future mass production, for certain values of mass production (with the understanding that handing such a design over to a commercial manufacturing outfit specializing in such things will immediately “reduce to lowest common denominator” everything about the design that makes it so worthwhile, bastardizing it beyond redemption).

    While staring at a 5 gallon bucket of brass I’ve fantasized about “a Dillon 650 of case prep” type machine; alas, it is but a fantasy.

    Continuing the thought, it is possible that such a marvelous automated device, were it to operate at a near-perfect level, is beyond the financial resources of even the most prolific reloader, at which point it could become a production tool for a case processing service: ship (at a minimum) 2500-5000 pieces of 5.56 / 7.62X51 brass, get them back in a week or so cleaned, sized, trimmed, deburred, primer pocket decrimped, flash hole properly sized, for a couple pennies a case if one has a subscription, a nickel or slightly more if not.

    As is widely acknowledged but rarely practiced, “time is non-refundable” so if you can save me hours of Reloading Bench Drudgery I’m willing to pay a reasonable per-case price for the service.

    1. Darn it. You just made me design a production version of this. Set up everything for linear motion. The most difficult part in the entire process is the sizing process. I think that if I did this, the sender would be required to send me cleaned, decapped, sized brass. If that was done, then this would not be all that hard.
      Your order would have a max length and a trim length. Yeah, this can be done.

      1. “… the sender would be required to send me cleaned, decapped, sized brass…”

        That’s what I want your machine to do. If I have to clean, size and decap I might was well do all of it because with an electric case trimmer on the press (Dillon trimmer) the rest goes pretty quickly except for the 2nd clean to get the case lube off.

  5. what We the People must do this year is ignore the media bullshiite completely and concentrate on one candidate- love him or hate him he is the only one who will do SOMETHING about the sukhole we are currently in. all the other ones are just a fukkin circle to distract and further divide … media is and always will be nothing but a distraction.

  6. Bruen, like the Second Amendment, is irrelevant…to the !eft. So they simply ignore it. And as long as they are in power they can do so with impunity. And there is no way in hell they will EVER relinquish power willingly or peacefully. They will ALL need to be removed from office and power by use of force, feet first. The left has only one rule, WIN! By whatever method required. The rest of America follows the rules. The left laughs at us while they use that fact against us.

    1. More precisely, the entire Constitution is irrelevant to the Left. What they want is Hamilton’s system — where the Federal government has unbounded power to legislate anything it wants to.

  7. Just a thought, I have had great luck printing 3D gears using nylon or carbon fiber blend filaments, strong and durable. If you don’t have a 3D printer, it’s a good reason to buy one. They have come way down in price. You can make or find STL files for almost anything you can imagine.

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