Mom shoots New Zealand man who flew to US to confront teen he met online

A mother in Richmond, Virginia has shot a man who flew from New Zealand to the US to confront her 14-year-old daughter whom he had met online.

Troy George Skinner, 25, arrived at the girl’s home in Richmond, Virginia last Friday, while armed with a knife, pepper spray and duct tape, according to Goochland County police.

He had smashed the glass door and was reaching inside to unlock it when the girl’s mother fired her handgun, striking him in the neck. He survived.

A grown man travels half way around the world to (seemingly) abduct and rape a 14 year old girl, forgetting that Americans have the right to keep and bear arms.

Fourteen hours in a plane to get shot in the neck must be a hell of a let down.

Welcome to the United States, we have guns and will use them.


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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Welcome to the United States, we have guns.”
  1. “Mr. Scumbag McRapist survived.”

    Pity. Trash like this guy needs to be removed from the gene pool, ASAP.

    I’m sure the progtards will add this to their faux count of ‘gun violence incidents,’ and completely disregard the facts of good-mom-with-a-gun-wins and that this piece of pond scum was so crazy he traveled half the world to assault an innocent female minor.

  2. That really brings a smile to my face after all the posts about the upcoming wave of leftist violence.

    Thanks for sharing. My day is complete.

      1. Depending on the style of the door, a solid center mass shot might not have been an option.

  3. I note how few media outlets mention that this New Zealander is six-foot-one and 275 pounds. Certainly in the time of “#MeToo,” a round to the neck (albeit, unfortunately, only a .22) delivered by an empowered woman (empowered, of course by her courage and a handgun) this brave mother will be celebrated by the left? #sarcasm

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