At 7.5%, if I bought a house right now, I’d be paying $2,500 more per month in interest alone than I did when I last moved and bought a house in 2021.

That makes it absolutely unaffordable to make a mortgage payment.

This is the killer of inflation.

That should be any presidential candidate’s top priority, curbing inflation.

After that, energy prices.

I just paid $670 to fill of my oil tank after two months.  Heating oil also heats my water heater, so even in the summer I burn heating oil.  I just burn it at about half the rate in the summer than winter, so in January or February I’ll go through that much oil in one month instead of two.

But no, the big concern is Ukraine not having enough military support.

Fuck Pence and Fuck Ukraine.

Two college educated professionals working good jobs should be able to afford a house in America, but we can’t.

Fix that first.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Well fuck him then”
  1. Pence is nothing more than Bush 3.0 Says that what Tucker brings up, is not his concern then states he’s running for president because this county is in a lot of trouble. This guy is a liberal’s wet dream.

  2. The parasites, errr… I mean the elites cannot allow the common people to enjoy the luxuries they think they are due because of their status.
    Having plenty of food, energy, and spending money for luxury items? That is what they deserve because they are “important.” You riff-raff? Nope, you do not deserve to travel, own a nice car, have a nice home. You are not of the correct class.
    Conspiracy theory? Maybe, but it fits the evidence.

  3. My brother lives in Indiana and was there when Pence was governor. I sent him that clip and his response was, “Pence is a giant boob. He knew he was f***ed as soon as Tucker started in.”
    Pence is just another deep state, bought and paid for, OFWG.

    1. I’ve lived in IN my entire live. The best thing I can say about his tenure was, I don’t remember it…

    1. And the rest of the clip, while sounding good in its entirety, provided exactly what I said it would, it gives the one liners required for the enemy to discredit the entire clip, “….that’s not my concern, not my concern….”. You have to be politically savvy to win a majority nationally. And he does not have that ability when under pressure. I’ve heard him speak many times with Rush, and in that environment, he did great, but when faced with the likes of a leftist strategy designed to trip him up, he’ll not survive.
      Trump survived it because of timing and not because of any other reasoning. The nation’s majority voter was impressed that Trump handed his own party its ass and ran over Hillary just as easily. That’s timing which Trump did read correctly, which btw, a billionaire businessman is supposed to accomplish, i.e. The Art of the Deal.
      Trump doesn’t have a chance this time around because he to, can’t put together a political strategy which doesn’t give the opposition party exactly what they need to discredit him as incompetent. And for what it’s worth, Desantis does have the ability, but it’s not clear at this point, to know if he can guard himself enough against the leftist machine, which is more powerful than ever before in American history.

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