Half in new poll say it should be illegal to deny service, employment to unvaccinated

Half of Americans believe it should be illegal for companies to deny service or employment to those who are unvaccinated, according to a new Axios-Ipsos poll.

Overall, the poll shows that 51 percent of those surveyed believe it should be illegal to deny service or employment, a view held by 55 percent of Republicans and 46 percent of Democrats.

I’m surprised that the number is that low for Republicans.

Honestly, the number should be 100% of Americans think it should be illegal to deny services or employment to the unvaccinated.

There is no way to have a unified country anymore.   Not with half the population believing that people who don’t want a vaccination against a virus that for most people has a very low mortality rate, and the vaccination doesn’t prevent transmission of the virus, should have fewer civil rights than convicted felons.

Civil rights are not dependent on getting a shot.  I’ve read the Constitution, I’m absolutely sure it says that.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “We’re going to split into two countries soon enough”
  1. I think its more panic porn for the idiots… the only thing libs have is covid…. Id like to know where they did this poll.. DC? NY? Jersey? I take polls with a Bonniville sized grain os salt

  2. Between this report and the noises about denying health care to the unvaccinated, I wonder if the anti-Covid pill will be rejected because it’s “only” a benefit for the unvaccinated, and those shouldn’t get care because Feelz.

    We’ll see. One data point will be whether the anti-progress chairwarmers at the FDA and CDC approve Pfizer’s application. Their usual mode of operation is to stand in the way of all medical progress for as many years as they can get away with; the Covid vaccines happened quickly only because Trump bulldozed all over them. And even then they pulled stunts like reviewing an “emergency” application a month after the paperwork was completed, rather than doing it the next day. That cost several tens of thousands of lives.

  3. (a) Sadly, Toastrider, it seems that he is.

    (B) anybody else here aware of the Americans With Disabilities Act, which penalized discrimination against those with a disability, **Or perceived To Have A Disability**?

    Like those rotten “antivaxxers” are perceived to have the disability of increased vulnerability to The Jhiao Pix?

    Let’s go, Brandon!

  4. “I’m surprised that the number is that low for Republicans.”

    I’m not. Republicans are just as susceptible to advertising, marketing, etc… as any other human being. Since November 2019 the news has been nothing except imminent death and near extinction from this virus. Too many (otherwise smart and well read) individuals I know think a “case” means you are sick, hospitalized, or dead. No data, discussion, or just plain calling them idiots changes their mind.

    Panic is a valuable tool. If Alinsky could find a reliable way to keep the public panicked, we would have become a socialist country in the 60s

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