The MAGA chant in 2016 onwards was: “Drain the swamp.”

Then, in 2020, Trump handed Fauci and the swamp the keys to the country.

Trump and MAGA ceaselessly accuse DeSantis of being a RINO in bed with the swamp.

At the sane time, DeSantis is draining Florida’s proverbial swamp.

DeSantis suspends another elected prosecutor in move derided as ‘politically motivated’

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday once again suspended an elected Florida prosecutor from office, this time removing a central Florida Democrat that the Republican governor contended was too lenient with criminals and was endangering the public.

The move drew sharp criticism from the target of the suspension — State Attorney Monique Worrell — as well as Democrats, who called DeSantis a “dictator” and said his actions were designed to draw attention to his struggling presidential campaign.

DeSantis, during an early morning press conference from the state Capitol where he announced the suspension, cited several examples of where he contended Worrell had failed to pursue minimum mandatory sentences for criminals or did not fully prosecute both adults and juveniles who later went on to commit other crimes. One of those the governor highlighted was a 17-year-old who allegedly shot and killed his pregnant girlfriend just months after he had been initially charged with gun crimes.

“We had a duty to act to prevent this dereliction of duty,” DeSantis said. “Prosecutors do have a certain amount of discretion about which charges to bring. What this state attorney has done is abuse that discretion and has effectively nullified certain laws in the state of Florida.”

But why now?

What was the tipping point?

A name that should be all over the news but isn’t: Daton Viel.

Just a few days ago, Daton Viel shot two Orlando police officers and put them in the hospital in critical condition.

That’s bad.  The whole story is worse.

Why was gunman Daton Viel on the streets?

The man who Orlando Police said shot and critically wounded two of their officers Friday night could have potentially been taken off the streets months before the violent attack, court records reviewed by News 6 suggest.

Daton Viel, 28, was killed during a shootout with the Orlando Police SWAT team early Saturday morning.

Viel had an extensive criminal history, records show, with his most recent arrest occurring a little more than four months before the police shooting.

Authorities arrested Viel on March 27 after investigators said DNA evidence linked him to the December 2022 rape of a 14-year-old girl in Orange County.

Viel posted a $125,250 bond and was released from the Orange County jail on April 14 to await trial on charges of sexual battery and molestation, records show.

At the time of the alleged rape in December 2022, Viel was under the supervision of the Florida Department of Corrections while serving probation for crimes he committed in Georgia, including aggravated battery and arson, state records show.

At the time Viel was released from jail in April, court records show the Florida Department of Corrections placed him on electronic monitoring that included a GPS bracelet.

On June 13, six weeks after a Georgia judge issued an arrest warrant for Viel, Florida Department of Corrections officials learned Viel had cut off his electronic monitoring device and moved out of his aunt’s Apopka home without notifying his probation officer.

During a news conference discussing Viel’s criminal history, Worrell placed full responsibility for the shooting of the two Orlando police officers on Viel, and avoided blaming other public servants.

“All of our agencies are doing the very best they can to handle a lot of cases with very limited resources,” said Worrell. “Hindsight is 20-20. There are any number of things that can be done on any given day that could make an outcome different. In this case, those things weren’t done. And here we are today.”

Then there is this:

Man accused of shooting 2 Orlando officers had previous run-ins with law enforcement, records show

Records show the man accused of shooting and critically injuring two Orlando police officers has a history of run-ins with law enforcement.

Daton Viel, 28, led Orlando police on an overnight pursuit.

Leading up to his death, Viel had been running from law enforcement under several other charges.

According to court records, he had a run-in with police on campus at the University of Central Florida.

This man was a known violent offender, sex offender, on parole with a cut-off ankle monitor, and still was allowed on the streets where he shot two cops.

Then the prosecutor who let him out on bond had the fucking audacity to blame the cops for getting shot.

It’s telling that Orange County Sheriff John Mina and Osceola County Sheriff Marco Lopez both supported DeSantis’ actions.

Upon Worrell’s removal, Mina released this statement:

“Our focus at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office is to protect our community from violent criminals. We rely on our partnership with the State Attorney’s Office to ensure those offenders are held to account and kept off our streets. We look forward to working with Judge Andrew Bain in his new role as State Attorney,” Mina said in a statement.

And from Osceola County Sheriff Marco Lopez:

“The criminal justice system only works when law enforcement investigates and arrests those who commit crime and the State Attorney’s Office prosecutes those offenders. We welcome Judge Andrew Bain as the new State Attorney and look forward to our offices working together for justice. The victims of crime in Osceola County will always come first,” Lopez said in a statement.

The politics here are that Worrell was a Leftist who was soft on crime that allowed a known offender with a repeat history of violence to shoot two cops, who she then blamed for getting shot.

She deserved to get fired for making Florida more dangerous.

That’s draining the swamp.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “What actually draining the swamp looks like”
  1. Couple years ago boston judg let a felon go on $500 bail. He came to maine and killed a sheriff deputy… its been goin on for years. THIS is our biggest fight. This is a good start

  2. IL just got rid of cash bail. Now they’re all released ‘on their own recognizance’ unless it can be proven to some vague standard that they’re a danger. The law was passed overwhelmingly by a Dem super majority and signed into law by the Dem gov. over the objections of over 90% of the DA offices and police agencies state wide.

    There is no longer any argument that the dem party is on the side of the criminals.

    1. While I tend to agree that they’re on the side of the criminals — I mean, Chicago pols have to be approved by the street gangs — I do wonder if it’s not that they’re more against the law-abiding people than pro-criminal.

      1. I guess in terms of kickbacks and bribes, criminals are more likely to pay off pols than regular white-bread middle-class people.

    2. That kind of stuff is why I was legitimately happy when my parents sold the family homestead in central IL. My hometown was a sleepy little community and there had been a lot of “youths” coming down from the closest big-ish city and causing problems.
      Now that the place is sold, I’m sad that it couldn’t have stayed in the family for the next generation but I’m more than happy to never have to darken the door of Illinois ever again.

      1. The youts have caught on to going further afield. Saw a video today where a careful from Louisiana tried to carjack an unmarked police car in Dallas.

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