SHOPPERS were shocked to see a police officer buying lunch in a supermarket while fully armed. He was pictured last week carrying his microwave meal, a bag of cookies and soft drink – with a holstered handgun hanging from his gun belt.His taser gun and CS gas spray were also visible as he left Tesco in Redding, near Falkirk.

One shopper said: “He stood out from the crowd and did not look as though he was on duty never mind attending any sort of 999 call.

Source: Pictured: Shoppers stunned as Police Scotland officer buys lunch in Scots supermarket while fully armed – Daily Record

What the hell happen to Scotland? Did kilts have suddenly become mini skirts? The simple sight of a gun in the belt of a police officer sends them under then bed and chewing on their collective blankies?

Last October, Chief Constable Sir Stephen House said armed officers would only be deployed when “firearms offences are taking place or where there is a threat to life”

OK, that explains it. Maybe their contract with the Psychic Friends Network expired and they don’t have advance warning anymore.

I hate to say it, but the UK is getting dumber that California. Not a small feat.



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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

7 thoughts on “What do Modern Scotsmen have under the kilt? Apparently nothing.”
  1. I have two thoughts on this:

    1) Police officers and chiefs in this country should take notice and keep things like this in mind when they’re pushing laws “for thee but not for me.” Disarming the general populace only means the police keep their guns a little longer than the rest of us. Once the general populace of a nation has been disarmed, there’s no need (in the mind of the anti-gunner) for the police to have them either. Then you start to get things like this.

    2) I’ve been saying for years that this is the eventual goal of disarming a populace. By getting the sheep to the point where they are baaing and bleating about one of their own shepherds being armed, and seeing THAT as a problem rather than a positive, it proves my point. These people have been effectively disarmed for about 20 years or so. Guns are so heavily restricted and permitted only on “Good Cause” and heavily licensed that they are effectively banned. They’re so used to the concept that guns are banned (and therefore, bad) that they turn into the wimps we see today, alarmed at the sight of a police officer with a gun– the one person you would think that they would be okay with carrying a gun. They’ve gotten so used to the law saying no one can have a gun, that they don’t think ANYONE should have a gun.

    It is already happening here. Ask a person, any person at random, if fully automatic guns are legal. Most people would say, no, they are not. But they are legal, as long as you follow all the BATFE(ces) registration requirements and there’s no local or state regulation against it. If you are willing to pay the prices, and wait for the approval, you can have one, in most states.

    There are people who STILL think the Clinton era AWB is in effect (or should be).

    The longer the law is in effect, the more people will think of the guns as banned, even if they are not. The longer the people are disarmed, the more they will bleat and baa about the sight of a gun, because it becomes UNUSUAL, instead of commonplace. Scotland has obviously reached that point.

    1. I’ve noticed that most Subjects of the UK tend to be anti-gun, to varying degrees*. The Hobbesian ideal that only Government should have a monopoly on legitimate violence has deep roots over there.

      *Most of the Northern Irish I know tend to be a bit more open to ownership.

  2. Scotland is the most totalitarian state in the U.K. You can be fined, arrested and jailed for singing you own national anthem in an “aggressive manner.” The Scottish parliament is considering a law which will assign a government agent to police Scottish parenting. The main sticking point would seem to be that no one can quite figure out how to pay for it.

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