Shooting at a Synagogue in Montreal:

A shooting at a Jewish girls’ day school in Toronto:


A driver attempting to run over Jews in Brooklyn:


Murderous violence directed at random Jews.

By the grace of God, nobody was killed.

When the Hamasniks say “globalize the Intifada” this is what they mean.

Jews need to be armed and vigilant all the time, because nowhere is safe.

The popular acceptance Antisemitism has emboldened these people to increase their violence.

Be prepared.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “What “Globalize the Intifada” looks like”
    1. Didja know, as a VISITOR to Canada, you can do the paperwork and buy a SAWED OFF SHOTGUN legally?


      They have to be manufactured that way, but the Canadians, who are certifiably NUTS in regards to handguns, will allow you a gun that in the US, is classified as a DESTRUCTIVE DEVICE!

      ‘Cause, bears, yah know. BIG bears. Brown bears. Grizzle bears. Polar bears..

      I suppose I’d rather have a short 12gauge with slugs if I had a zero-dark-thirty visitor trying to rip open my tent…

      Just make sure you leave it in Canuckdia when you come home, or the ATF will want to have a ‘chat’ with you…

  1. How many more incidents will be reported today?
    Over the weekend?
    This anti-Israel/Jew is going too far, and frankly, I am scared. I do not see this getting better before it gets much worse.

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