This occurred because the women were charged $1.75 for extra sauce.

It also happened at 4:10 am, reinforcing the adage that nothing good happens after midnight.

This is what happens when a society stops enforcing the law and develops a culture that tells criminals they are victims of the system.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “What happens when you stop enforcing the law”
  1. People forget that the law and law enforcement is there to protect the criminals. Not the people. When the law is unable to protect we, the people, then we, the people, will have to protect ourselves.

    That gets nasty very fast.

  2. Whatever you do, do not splash them with hot fryer oil. It burns and the burns can be painful, very dangerous, and disfiguring, which will be terrible facts in any civil litigation. If THEY try to use the oil? Grave Threat of Bodily Harm.

    May I suggest a Fire Extinguisher? Spray them, and if they continue to close? You have a large blunt object. I worked in a 24 hour restaurant in the 1980’s. My plan was to run out the back door screaming, knowing the Fire Alarm would be blaring inside and out.

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