This blew my mind:

The last large reservoir in California was built in 1979.  The environmentalists and millionaires have seen to that.

The environmentalists hate dams because of the impact on fish and the millionaires (and billionaires) don’t want to live near dams.

Consequently, the water storage capacity of the state has been massively outpaced by the population growth, while the Progressives who run the state build high-speed rails that nobody will ride on but themselves.

The result is working and middle-class Californians can’t take more than an 8-minute shower every other day.

The celebrities don’t have to worry because they can afford the fine.  If you can afford a $20 million mansion with a Ferrari in the garage, you can afford the fines to cover your shower, laundry, swimming pool, and lush green lawn.

If this is anything, this is a ringing endorsement not to let anyone from California anywhere near a position of Federal power.


The video has been memory-holed.

According to KTLA5: Correction: A video previously embedded in this post included factual errors about two laws going into effect in 2020 regarding water conservation. The clip has been removed.

This is bullshit.

Elsewhere on the internet, it was taken down through copyright enforcement.  Even videos that were arguably fair use with added commentary.

The media lets all sorts of errors and factual inaccuracies let fly as long as they hurt Republicans.

It seems that the reporters having an on-air realization of just how tyrannical Gavin Newsom and the CA Democrat Monopoly have become, was too much honesty for the media to let be broadcast.


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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “What hath NIMBY and the environmentalists wrought? – Updated”
  1. Who has a dacha in Crimea, plus a dacha in the country near Moscow, and who lives in a concrete box in a Moscow high rise?
    An early example of the progessive People’s State.
    The people of California elect the people who oppress them.

  2. Looks as if the video is down due to a copyright strike.

    I recall a “Water Issue” in the early ’90s by National Geographic, and in it they described that over-pumping of aquifers in California and the subsequent loss of aquifer capacity due to subsidence (crushing/settling of the surface dozens of feet in some areas) was roughly equal to the capacity gained by reservoirs. So, a net gain of ~0.

  3. On top of the issues with them not building reservoirs, they also were stopped from using them. Seems that some bait fish needed deeper water in the rivers. So in order to keep the rivers flowing at the right speed and depth, the reservoirs were required to open the flood gates and let millions of gallons of fresh water run down to the sea.

    But they saved a bait fish.

  4. The irony that California, with the longest coastline of the lower 48, is suffering from a water shortage is rich. Desalinization plants powered by nuclear power would provide a permanent solution, but of course the eco-nazis won’t allow the idea to even be discussed. Cali has hijacked as much water from other states as they can without a shooting war, but developing additional water supplies is verboten. For the short term, taking water from agriculture to supply the thirst of the urban areas is the only “acceptable” option, with predictable results.

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