What I have seen (and not) in Social Media about Florida Democrats.

In my examinations of Social Media this past week, I have noticed what I hope to be three distinct group of Democrats: The ones that are 100% with what is happening in Broward County because they get the wins and the ones that are embarrassed about the shenanigans in Broward county. The third group I cannot calibrate because they are the silent Democrats and I do hope the exist (I fear they may not.)

Sadly, the embarrassed Democrats are a scant minority. These are people that want a win but want it honorable and they feel the actions of Brenda Snipes and the Broward Elections board are at best polluting that image and at worse, giving them a fraudulent win.

Most of the active Democrats were vociferous in the defense of what is going on. Their position is basically “Fuck the law. All votes count including (and specially) the suspicious ones and only because you can’t prove it.” They want the win so desperately, they do not care the consequences and frankly they rightly suspect there won’t be any.  They won’t care if Gillum’s governorship will always be shadowy (even past what they thought was the Presidency of “W”) because they ant the acquisition of power by any means necessary and are prepared to do whatever is needs to do so.

When you keep allowing for bad behavior, you reinforce it. The Florida GOP never stood for the elections in Broward County as it was considered the California of Florida: Impossible to win. Governor Scott allowed Brenda Snipes to do what she wanted without repercussions and now we are witnessing a soft coup d’état worth of any Banana country or Middle Eastern regime in the world. This election was not won by the Democrats but grossly lost by the Republicans who keep thinking they can get the Democrats to like them if they let them stick a finger up the GOP’s  ass.

And if by a miracle, the results end up favoring the Republicans, you may want to do hurricane prep just in case as I believe some of that vocal “minority” may get frisky, hit the streets and perform damage on property and human flesh. It is not like they will be punished by the law anyway, right?

And if you are thinking “Oh well, if Gillum wins, we still have the Legislature in our favor, nothing he can do, right?” allow me to remind you that the incoming Florida Senate president Bill Galvano, a Republican, was already bought and paid by Bloomberg.  I am sure Bloomberg is/was not the only one donating to his coffers and that makes Galvano’s standing honorably with Republican voters at least suspicious.


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  1. How ridiculous is this going to look if Florida Republicans start protesting with “resist” and “not my governor” slogans and signs?

    I don’t think for a nanosecond that what “Wesley” Snipes is doing is remotely right or even legal, but the FDLE and FBI should be crawling over that operation like they were gathering evidence on a Mafia boss. In a rattlesnake den. They need to be monitoring every step of everything that goes on.

    Snipes should be have been fired long before this and if the whole county needs to vote again, it should be under the watch of officers trained in RICO.

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