I understand if you can’t watch the whole video. I had problems doing so. However… I just sat like I was watching a train wreck.

In the video (which is from October 2022, btw), below the cut:

A black woman goes to Target to purchase stuff. When the register hits $1000, she tells the cashier she needs to see the manager. When the cashier asks why, the black woman explains, she doesn’t have money for the rest, and needs to talk to the manager about Target “giving her reparations.” She gets up close and personal and so into the cashier’s space that the cashier has to physically put her hands up (and in the process has to touch the woman’s shoulders). The manager comes out and basically says, “Nope, can’t do that for you today, sorry.” He tries to retreat, and backs away and away and away until he’s trapped in his office, with the black woman approaching him angrily. She is not a small woman. He punches her flat out, then calls 911.

The cops show up and listen to this woman go on and on (and on and on) about how Target’s a good company, so she knows it’s a safe space to talk about how “her money is broken and doesn’t work right.” I can’t make this stuff up, guys. The cops finally explain to her that she’s now trespassed and has to leave, at which point she gets really upset. She says, and I quote here, “This is my Rosa Parks moment, dude. Don’t play with me.

In the end, turns out the woman was convicted of disorderly conduct, but acquitted of menacing.

I realize this one’s a couple of years old, but damn. What the hell is going on with our world?

who is shaking her head in disgust

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By hagar

4 thoughts on “What in the Black Jezus…?”
  1. the administration before 2016 did much to encourage this behavior.. covid did much more to encourage it.. “peaceful riots” with no consequences and lack of prosecution did much to encourage it… THIS current bunch of lunatics are doing all they can to encourage it and more.. the manager as far as I can see showed much restraint… our world is becoming a shit hole of lawlessness and lack of respect. just go for a drive and follow traffic laws, you will be in EVERYONES way. NO ONE obeys basic laws out in public. and if you attempt to educate them politely, they instantly become angry and aggressive… America is in trouble and I don’t see a way to make it better… we are rapidly becoming “either everyone obeys the law or nobody obeys the law”… the law abiding are becoming the minority… It makes me sick..

  2. The left and their media whores actively encourage ground apes to act this way by constantly harping about reparations. Brain dead blacks hear this nonsense and decide they need some of them reparations….and they ain’t gonna wait. The results are predictable.

  3. ” What the hell is going on with our world?”
    Hagar, there is not enough time, nor space on this website to properly answer that question.
    This behavior is the inevitable result of:
    * Politically correctness
    * The Civil Rights Act
    * “Critical theory”
    * the Welfare State
    * Liberalism which has distorted into leftism. (Not the classic liberalism, today’s version)
    * the “Everyone gets a participation trophy” generations
    * Saul Alinksy
    * mass migration
    … and so much more that I cannot go into all of it here.
    This specific event is the result of individuals never having to suffer the consequences of their actions. Everything in that list, and so much more all boils down to no consequences for one’s actions, as well as expecting things without earning them.
    Read that last part again.
    This woman had no qualms about demanding stuff because she felt she deserved it even though she has done F-all to earn it, and when the answer was no, she had no idea there might be consequences for threatening people.
    Additionally, politicians will use these people for votes. Further feeding the problem. And, the MSM News narrative feeds the monster.
    Is this woman any different than the idiots with Hyphenated-American Studies degrees demanding their student loan debt get erased? Or illegal immigrants demanding free housing, or BLM, or hamass demanding Israel stop fighting back after they viciously attacking them, or… the list is infinite.
    How did we get here? Look at the last 70 years.

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