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17 thoughts on “What in the name of….”
  1. The porting reduced that velocity to a 380.
    That said, it was 99% chance an over pressure cartridge. The chamber ruptured and cracked the slide. No indication of a bore obstruction and the porting would have vented the barrel anyway. That’s a horrendously ugly and useless design, but the problem was the cartridge.
    Citation: You know what I do for a living, trust me.

    1. Could the porting have flame cut through those small sections of slide so that when the next cartridge was fired there wasn’t enough slide left to contain the pressure?

        1. Not disagreeing with you(I’m somewhat familiar with your qualifications..) but how does a chamber failure cause the front of the slide to fail?

          1. Non-expert that I am, it looks to me like the barrel split lengthwise (the chamber did, at the very least). It basically burst inside the slide, and the slide trying to cycle over the split barrel, under the extra force of the over-pressure round, broke the slide.

  2. Also: A threaded barrel with that? So you screw on a suppressor and then vent the gas in the loudest possible manner BEFORE the bullet makes it to the suppressor?


  3. That’s a lot of WTF. The side view just looked like a standard kaboom from an overloaded round and IIRC Glocks don’t fully support the case head. The top view is OMG what in the seven hells were they doing and why?

  4. lets all sing it together- if you gonna be dumb, ya gotta be tuff….. “is this covered under warranty?”…”I thought you could fill a 9mm up to the top with Unique “…. “so THATS what I put that cannon powder in”…

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