By J.Kb.

Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah have come and gone, happy new year 5776.

I’m Jewish.  I make my bread and butter in guns. I am a firearms enthusiast, a dyed in the wool gun nut.  One of those things is not like the other, and that drives me nuts.  When you look at the names of the Washington gun grabbers, it reads like Bar Mitzvah guest list, Schumer, Feinstein, Bloomberg, Wasserman-Schultz.  You want to pick a fight at an Oneg (the food served after Sabbath services), say something pro-gun.  I know, I’ve done it.

I have tried to wrap my mind around why so many Jews are anti-gun.  I just can’t. Name me one, just one, big government regime that was friendly to the Jewish people.  I’m waiting…  Yeah, I can’t think of one either.  One would think that such a record, from the Greek and Roman Empires to Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, would put Jews squarely in the small government supporters, but no.  I have come to the conclusion, that they are Quislings.  For those of you who are not familiar with the term, it comes from the name of the Norwegian war-time leader Vidkun Quisling, who lead a domestic Nazi collaborationist regime during WWII.  In general, a Quisling is an enemy collaborator.   I think this is an appropriate term.  The only reason I think why so many Jews are anti-gun/pro-big government is that they feel that by being part of big government, they are safe from big government.  Just ask Leon Trotsky how well that worked out, ice pick and all.

My dad recognized this.  He taught me to shoot as a kid.  In all irony, he taught me to shoot using the FN .32 ACP my grandfather took off some SS officer and brought back as a trophy from WWII.  His feeling was that when we said “never again” we mean it, with a bullet, literally.

Of course we enjoy shooing.  I love spending a day at the range.  My dad is a hunter, he’s taken my sister hunting all over the world.  We took the Orvis sporting clay class together.  But the sentiment of “never again” has always stuck with me.  It’s for this reason I resent the term MSR (modern sporting rifle) for AR-15 clones.  Sure, it’s fun to shoot, 3 Gun is great, and so on.  But at the end of the day, it is not my sporting rifle, it is my primary casualty-producing weapon.

Hopefully I will never have to use it that way.  Then again, hopefully there will never be boxcars full of Jews again.  Given the way the Iran deal is going, I can’t guarantee either, but that is a different rant.

If I go quietly into that good night, it is because my weapon is suppressed.

Say all that in a Synagogue and you’ve kicked the hornets nest.  Point out that historical precedent is on your side, and bad for the Jews, and you’ve become persona-non-grata.  The thing is, the Israelis know this.  I know Israel doesn’t have the best gun rights, and that is one reason I have no interest in living there.  For American Jews to support Israel and then totally ignore every lesson of the Haganah, who were literally rolling shell casings out of lipstick containers by hand to defend them selves from being slaughtered, is absolutely bat-poop insane.  But somehow I’m the crazy one because I have an 18 gal tote full of .223 in my garage.

Here’s the point Mr. Schumer and Bloomberg, and Ms. Feinstein and Wasserman-Schultsz.    LEAVE MY GUNS ALONE.  You are not making the world safer for our people by taking away my guns.  You making it easier to the agents of the state to haul Jewish children out of their beds.  That you helped make is easier for the state to do that will not save your children from the same fate.

To the rest of my people, big government has never, and will never, be good for the Jews.  Stop supporting it.  Go to a range, rent a gun, try shooting.  It’s fun, you might actually like it.  More importantly, what I’ve been saying might click.  Never again, with a bullet.



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By J. Kb

25 thoughts on “What is Hebrew for Quisling (a rant)”
  1. I’m not Jewish, but the slogan, “Never Again!” rings so true.

    Right now we have Iran as the equivalent of 1938 Nazi Germany with an advanced Manhattan Project and our government is facilitating it. We have plenty of sleeper cells of muslim terrorists waiting to do a Beslan-style massacre and we have a rise in anti-Semitism.

    Jews who actively discourage firearm ownership are an enigma; a suicidal anomaly.

    Why is there ANYONE, especially the Jews, who are voluntarily unarmed in America today?

    We have fire extinguishers and use seat belts and hope they are never used for their intended purpose, so why does anyone fail to have a firearm?

  2. To answer your question…
    During the Shoah, the camp guards would separate out inmates who were criminals or “rough types”. They would give these hard cases special privileges in exchange for keeping order among the other inmates: side with the Death’s Head SS against your own in exchange for a lighter work shift.
    These were called “Kapos”. So yeah, that’s the word you’d use.

    I got called all kinds of names at one point for stating that I couldn’t see much difference between a Jew who sided with Germans who wanted to exterminate Jews, and a Jew who sided with Palestinians or Leftists who wanted to exterminate Jews.
    Except that the ones in the camps had fewer choices.

    1. I think that would be an appropriate term for any colored person running for office as a Democrat, as well. The Democrats love colored people: their history of being oppressed makes them easy cattle for the vote farms.

  3. I am equally baffled by the anti-gun Jews. They have allowed the religion of Judaism to be replaced by a new religion of liberal progressivism.

    I am also Jewish and active. I find it hard to accept that some people will trust their lives and their children’s lives to the good will of a third party.

    Every Jew should be able to defend themselves and their community from tyranny and persecution.

  4. Schumer, Feinstein and Bloomberg are old enough that they should, if not remember WWII, they at least studied it in high school history classes. Wasserman-Schultz is just a liberal idiot. Even though I’m not Jewish, I have had a lot of Jewish friends over the years. Most have been pro gun but some have not. The anti’s always have the same reasons, no one needs a gun, the police will protect us, think of the children. And when you point out what happened in Germany, they always come back with “It won’t happen here”. Yeah, until it does. Personally, I’m not getting in a boxcar while I can still pull a trigger.

      1. I read Farewell to Manzanar and Corrie Ten-Boom back to back when I was young, and it took me until at least halfway through the former(which I read second) to realize that it took place in the US and not Germany.

        He who fights monsters, and all that.

      2. It is crucial to know that the U.S. simply threw away the laws when it was popular and convenient.

        We may not have had extermination in mind initially, but imagine what might have happened if some new severe provocation occurred? Would we have said, to hell with them, let them starve or worse?

        Let’s look at today. We have the NSA spying on us, the IRS weaponized, the BLM almost ready to use SWAT teams over a tax and land dispute, the NDAA, the BATFE acting as gun runners to impugn firearms owners for political purposes, and the list goes on. Oh, and most police forces looking a hell of a lot more like the para-military police of third world despotic countries.

        All while they continuously press for gun control and registration/confiscation to be achieved through UBCs. Don’t think it cannot happen here!

        Never Again!
        Molon Labe!
        I will not comply!

  5. Great post, but I have to tell you what caught my eye was,” But somehow I’m the crazy one because I have an 18 gal tote full of .223 in my garage&gt” 18 gallons? Almost 2 1/2 cubic feet?

    You’ve truly given me a goal in life.

    1. I’m going to guess I might have a totefull, but not in a tote. My goal now is to only buy bulk, get an 18 gal tote, and fill it. Then I’ll feel better.

      In bad times, ammo will be like currency or better.

      I am the gradson of a Holocaust survivor, escaped before the Germans wiped out Kapechenick, Poland (sp? = Phoenetic) also same name, different spellings, when part of Russia, Germany, Austria-Hungary, etc. My family ashes are in Auschwitz’ grounds. A sad truth to much of history’s Jews is wealthy Jews see trouble coming, buy favors, or modestly collaborate and “get along” and then can afford to flee before the worst begins. That is Shumer and Feinstein right now. The Clinton’s are ready to flee ( as an example of “preparation). My grandfather wasn’t wealthy or smart. Just the most likely to make it when the entire clan likely pooled money and secreted him to Holland to a boat.

      I will never wait for the attic hiding, disarmed period. None of us should. You don’t take out 2-3 at your door, with 15-20 waiting in police cars outside. We find ways to either stop, or remove the 20, the 1000s more like them, and the collaborators and murders that employ and send the police after us.

      Yeah, never again. But this time “no waiting, again”.

  6. “If I go quietly into that good night, it is because my weapon is suppressed.”

    Better trademark that before SilencerCo does.

    Great article! My wife’s side of the family is Jewish. Her and I know the attitudes of which you speak. It’s even more baffling with her family because her grandfather was a medic for the 101st during WW2 and saw some pretty terrible stuff first hand.

    1. Yep. The holocaust didn’t happen because the Nazis had guns; it happened because the Nazis were the only ones with guns.

  7. Good post. Appreciated reading it.

    You have the chance to make some money with a line you put down. I think it’s brilliant.
    “If I go quietly into that good night, it is because my weapon is suppressed.”
    Make that into a patch or a sticker and you’ll have a winner.
    Put me down for 2 of each 😉

  8. Absolutely true! I’m a bit of a pariah for my 2A stance in my family. I just don’t get it, or maybe I do and I do not want to use the word cowardice.

    I can’t imagine going to services without carrying, extra mag in my tallis case.

    1. I can’t imagine a synogogue without dozens and dozens of carriers. And the leadership should have armed security posted to protect Innocents. Nothing as rich with targets as a synogogue- I imagine to a terrorist that’d be like the Jewel of all imagined targets.

  9. I’m not officially Jewish, yet, but am planning on converting formally within the next year or so. OTOH, my (ex)wife and her family are Orthodox, the community I live and work in is largely Orthodox, and my circle of friends includes many Orthodox Jews. Each and every one of them is moderately to fervently pro-gun. NRA window stickers are almost as common as mezuzot in the “OJ” side of my neighborhood. I also have reason to believe that almost all of the families that aren’t openly pro-gun (and the community can be VERY closed ranks and secretive when it wants to) probably have at least a rifle or a handgun hidden away somewhere.

    They may be praying for the day when we can all “beat our swords into plowshares,” but the Orthodox Jews sure as hell aren’t going to be the ones to do it unilaterally.

  10. “If I go quietly into that good night, it is because my weapon is suppressed.”

    This. This right here. Sir, I grew up S.Baptist, and now just go to a nondenominational Christian church, but I will toe the line with you if the flag goes up. Just step a little to the right, I’m no longer as skinny as I once was. 🙂

  11. As a Jew I find myself in a similar situation as yourself. I am the black sheep of my family for even owning a gun, let alone several of those scary “assault” weapons. These days I wouldn’t even consider going to high holiday services without my S&W shield.

    I’m not sure the antipathy towards firearms is necessarily linked to the religion itself. I believe it has a lot more to do with the local environment most American Jews find themselves, that is major metropolitan areas (New York City in particular). Our nomadic days are over. My observation has been that those Jews who wish to remain part of the Jewish community (i.e. synagogue membership) tend to stay nearby to already established Jewish communities.

    I’ve heard there’s a large Jewish community in Savannah,GA, which has been there since the 19th century, and I’m not sure if they’ve adopted the same anti-gun attitude as their NY brethren.

  12. I am a member of the tribe and fellow gun owner. Never again and MOLON LABE go hand in hand. May your new year be filled with sweetness and joy.

  13. It’s nice to meet a fellow tribesman who is afflicted with the same fever. I got the affliction from my father-in-law. Since I live in the free part of the midwest, it was very easy to become a complete gun nut. Hunting, CCW, target practice; I do it all. I get each of my scary black rifles engraved with the words “לעולם לא עוד” and I will pass them on to each of my kids. May your new year bring you plenty of joy and happiness!

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