Yesterday I wrote about how Nike is the next big company to go woke, go broke.

They decided to listen to Colin Kaepernick, who is the most disliked player in the NFL, and pull a special edition shoe they were going to release for Independence Day, because Kaepernick said that the Betsy Ross flag was a symbol of slavery.

The Arizona governor decided to pull their tax incentives.

That is not the end of this story.

Presidential Candidate Julian Castro was asked about this, and agreed that Nike should have pulled the shoe and likened the Betsy Ross flag to the Confederate flag as a symbol of racism that should only be shown in museums as an example of what a country should not be like.

The Governor of California Gavin Newsom, backed up Castro on his assertion while inviting Nike to invest in the Golden State.

It was “the right thing” to pull a shoe with the image of the first flag of these United States.

If Nike builds in California, it would be the first business in a while to do so as businesses are fleeing that state in droves because of its high taxes and anti-business environment.  Nike is looking to build a factory and California environmental regulations and energy costs are among the reasons why California has the slowest growth of manufacturing jobs in the nation.

So Nike could build there, and go broke even quicker as taxes and costs skyrocket for them.

But this brings me to my point.

Casto is a Democratic primary candidate for President and Gavin Newsom is a Democrat golden boy and a popular resistance leader on the Left.

With both of them backing Nike and the Kaepernick interpretation of the Betsy Ross flag, it makes me wonder, have the Democrats finally decided that their core voting block demographic are people who hate every little thing about this history of this country?  Because that is who it seems that they are tripping over themselves to appeal to.

Right now, I can see a 2020 TV add that just has a voice actor come on and say:

“Do you fucking hate America and everything it stands for?  Do you think that this is he most racist and hateful nation in history?  Than you should vote Democrat.”

I just don’t know if it would be an honest Democrat commercial or a sarcastic Trump one.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “What is the Democrat Demographic”
  1. A left leaning associate on FB has a running thread talking about putting a pride flag underneath his US flag because he’s afraid the US flag might traumatize his non-caucasian neighbors since the US flag has been taken over by racists.

    While there are a few people calling nonsense, most are totally supporting the virtue signalling.

    All I can picture is the one white woman in a restaurant ranting about how bad things are for non-whites in the country and all the people (mostly non-white) there are looking at her like she’s a loonbat.

  2. Sarah Hoyt calls it “drinking their own ink”. They’ve depended for so long on lies about what conservatives and Republicans want that they’ve start to believe the claims.

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