When Texas state senator Wendy Davis filibustered the proposed restrictions to abortion bill, a picture of her pink shoes became a lauded political icon.

The media fell over itself to talk about her shoes.

The Washington Post: Wendy Davis’s sneakers: These shoes were made for filibusterin

HuffPo: Wendy Davis’ Filibuster Shoes Provoke Passionate Amazon Reviews

New York Post: Texas senator dons pink tennis shoes for 13-hour filibuster to block bill that could eliminate 90% of the state’s abortion clinics

I ended up knowing more about this woman’s shoe choice than the proposed Texas abortion law.

So now we turn to New York City, and the primary victorious Democrat rising (Red) star, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

She Tweeted this:

This was reminiscent of the Pulitzer Prize winning photo of Adlai Stevenson.

the good news here is that both Stevenson and Davis lost their respective elections.  Stevenson to Truman in 1952 and Davis to Abbot in 2014.

So here is hope to history repeating itself.

This brings me to my second point.

Milton Friedman said “Is it really true that political self-interest is nobler somehow than economic self-interest?”

I have done what Stevenson and Ocasio-Cortez to a couple of pair of work boots.  I have worn the leather off steel toe boots so that the steel toe cap was visible.

I’ve never seen a factory worker or a farmer share pictures of their work shoes worn though, and I wound’t expect them to get fawning praise for it if they did.

Here is the difference:

She wore the soles off her shoes so she could get elected to public office and take away most of my guns my guns and half of my income.

The caption of her picture might as well be “these are the shoes that will be stamping in your face, forever.”

I wore my work boots out making stuff that people wanted to buy so that I could feed my family.  I’m not using my worn out boots to oppress anybody.

It really is perverse that we celebrate how hard a politician works to restrict our freedoms and take our rights away.




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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “What is with Democrats and pictures of shoes?”
  1. An old white guy versus a Puerto Rican woman who is promising free healthcare, a guaranteed Federal jobs from which you can’t be fired, and free college, and all in a district that is more than 46% Hispanic, the Whites that are there are mostly European immigrants over 45, and had less than 12% turnout.

    If you look at the demographics, the district is made up of parts of Queens and the Bronx. The Bronx part of District 14 is overwhelmingly Hispanic and on welfare.


    1. Not only is she going to win, there won’t even be a challenger. She’s the next Maxine Waters with a sprinkling of Bernie Sanders and a look that conveys her desire to kill Batman.

  2. Naw, not those shoes forever. Soon she expects to have much NICER shoes, as befits her station, that don’t wear out like that. Probably expects to get them from some hardworking supporter, whom she saved from a life of tyrannical oppression by the bourgeoisie factory owner who was reaping the benefit of their sweat. Surely not from some poor bastard who was fired because her policies suck. Nope, never that…

    1. She sent a campaign staffer to a thrift shop to buy some half worn out shoes, then finished them off on the campaign.

  3. When she gets in office she can then use those taxpayers monies to get some new jackboots. It’d be more appropriate attire.

    I got that case of 5.56 and some .45ACP. Still need to get the .40S&W.

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