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Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

19 thoughts on “What the hell did I just read?”
  1. I lack experience with this level of delusional mental illness, but I’d guess an Institution with a “locked ward” would be a safe place to start attempts at therapy.

  2. Two observations, a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing and a Twitter Blue check appears to be a form cognitive disorder. At the risk of sounding like The Spanish Inquisition sketch, a third point is the Leftist desire to call everyone and everything possible “Nazi”

  3. I’m getting to the point when I see a Twitter bluecheck, internal translation processes spit out “Here’s your sign!

  4. Who cares who invented it and for what reason?
    Should we apply the same standards to rocketry, pharmaceuticals, cold weather protection, the steam engine, etc…? Oh, it was created by an enemy of the USA, oh… wait… no.. by a country that did some bad things in the past, therefore it is evil by association.
    Stupid childish argument.
    And, I am deliberately ignoring the “invented by the Nazis” idiocy.

  5. 1. Same Q as Buffalo – was this kid a Ritalin patient?

    2. Re: the AR – when they put down their .223 popguns, and start using shotguns – like the Mossberg I hunt quail with – w/#4 buck – the body count will go through the roof.

  6. Daddy had a saying:
    You can’t cure stupid.
    You can only kill stupid.

    Think it’s getting high time that one get brought into effect more often.

  7. This headline is the result of having a little bit of knowledge but not enough and knowing things that just ain’t so.

    As gun people we know that the first “assault rifles” were developed in Germany during WWII. And that is what they were called.

    The left claims that “AR” in “AR-15” stands for “assault rifle”. They are wrong, but being wrong never stopped a leftist.

    Therefore, an AR-15 is just an model number change. Just like an iPhone-12 is directly related to the first iPhone. An AR-15 is just the 15th assault rifle developed.

    Thus an AR-15 was a Nazi weapon of war.

    See how easy it is to totally change history when you are an ignorant moron.

      1. Yep.

        The Sturmgewehr 44 (Stg-44) more closely resembles the Avtomat Kalashnikov (AK) pattern. I couldn’t tell you if the internals are similar or if the former’s design contributed significantly to the latter … but it wouldn’t surprise me.

        1. Layout’s the same, and the 7.62×39 is based on the 7.92×33, but the STG has a tilting bolt, not a rotating bolt like the AK.

    1. Aside from those hanging out in South America? Not many. And I’m pretty sure that the ones south of the Border are weeeeelllllll past their expiration dates, if they haven’t already expired.

    1. Should also be noted that being … er … “light on facts” has never in my memory been a disqualifier for that position.

      At times — more and more often as of late — I even think it’s encouraged.

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