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19 thoughts on “What the hell is she talking about?”
  1. Does this mean she wants the government to hand out Javelins, NLAWs, and Molotov craft kits at the polls? I mean, I could get behind that.

  2. It’s probably related to her TDS. Probably along the lines of “If you don’t vote for _____, you’re voting for Putin, which means you’re voting for Trump.”

  3. I’m sure this made sense inside her own mind. But for the rest of us, who don’t have access to her train of thought to get there … *Shrug*
    I’m not even gonna guess what she was trying to say.

  4. “[Vote] as if we were Ukrainians.”

    *quick check of Ukrainian voting law*

    You mean, we must vote in person, and only after showing documentation of identity, citizenship, and the right to vote? And the media must report on elections in an unbiased manner?

    (Put another way, no absentee or mail-in voting, “Voter ID” is required to get a ballot, and the media is NOT allowed to style reporting to favor one candidate or party over another, or subtly imply that one candidate or party is causing shenanigans without proof.)

    And that’s just a 5-minute overview glance at Ukrainian voting, courtesy of Google. (I’m sure there’s other items that more accurately mimic conservative principles than “Progressive” ones, but I don’t feel like doing a deep-dive.)

    Reality. It bites.

  5. Show up and vote for the guy who wanted to allow Ukraine’s attorney general investigate (and possibly) prosecute Hunter Biden on myriad corruption charges?

    Show up and vote for the guy that wanted to sanction Russian oil cartels?

    Show up and vote for the guy that wanted to keep his country’s energy sector as independent of Russian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cartels as possible?

    Show up and vote for the guy running as a slightly libertarian-leaning but mostly centrist candidate on a populist and anti-corruption platform?

    Show up and vote for the guy who became famous as a television star and not as a career politician?

    Show up and vote for the guy with the drop-dead gorgeous wife who was born in a former Soviet Republic?

    I really, really, really don’t think Bette wants us to vote like the Ukrainians did in their last election.

    1. Beat me to it there, Ish.
      I really do not think MIdler wants the US population to vote the same way the Ukrainians did in their last election.
      Or, perhaps she is so misinformed that she thinks the current Ukrainian government wanted to be invaded. (Actually, that is more likely…)

  6. I remember how all the “credentialed experts” told me Ukraine was going to be crushed by Russia in three days, a week or month tops. It was a done deal.

    Anyone notice that the Russians have retreated from Kiev? The same with the thrust towards Sumy? And the same with Chernihiv? Russia has retreated back to Belarus. Mariopul is still holding out too.

    Maybe this will be like the Russo-Finnish war, when Finland stopped Russia in the winter of 1939, but was crushed by sheer numbers of the Soviet Army.

    1. Yes, and this is the reason why I dismiss out of hand all the self-proclaimed “military experts” claiming “the Ukrainians don’t need weapon system xyz”. If they were competent, rather than being ignorand REMFs, they would not have misjudged things so utterly.

  7. My great grandparents came from Odessa, and villages near Kiev, so that makes me sufficiently Ukrainian to justify my voting against the US political party whose flaccid foreign policy emboldened Putin to get his Stalin on. Bear in mind that my ancestors left Ukraine because of raging Anti-Semitism since pogrom is a Russian word. I’m critical of Ukraine, Poland and Hungary for their historical and modern Jew hate, but consider Putin more odious and Anti-Semitic and more dangerous.

    1. Modern Poland, Ukraine, and Hungary have a lot of, for lack of a better term, “background radiation” anti-Semitic traits to their cultures. Part of it is just sheer cultural inertia, since anti-Semitism has been part of Eastern European society for centuries; part of it is holdover resentment of the role secular Jewish intellectuals played in creating the Marxist revolutions that resulted in the Soviet bloc; and so forth.

      I’m more concerned about the statutory / judicial / policy level anti-semitism we see in policies of the Labour Party in the UK, Democratic Party in the US, and the Liberal Party in Canada.

      A Polish plumber or a Ukrainian farmer might tell off-color jokes and use derogatory words as casual swearing. But Democratic governors want to force yeshivas to start teaching critical race theory and forcibly close synagogues.

      1. Another contribution is the fact that antisemitism was a big piece of official Marxist doctrine from the beginning. That plus the Soviet occupation of Eastern Europe for half a century would certainly be part of why antisemitism might be more visible there than it is in some other parts of the Western world.
        Of course, none of it comes even close to what you can find in the Middle East, where Hitler’s policies are still revered and official government goals.


    She wants us to expel the lunatics who call everyone they don’t like “Nazis”!

  9. That would be a nice change of pace from their usual m.o., which is to show up to the polls like Russians in Ukraine, with a roll of wire for binding the hands of the wrong-thinkers before taking them out back to the re-education trench for a quick lesson.

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