We are watching as the Bruen decision is slowly unraveling may issue in that last may issue states and forcing shall issue across the country.

The logical next step is foll 50 state concealed carry reciprocity.

Of course I completely support that.

However, there is another step, either sequentially or concurrently that I would like Bruen to accomplish.

I want to expand the right to concealed carry beyond that of firearms.

The Second Amendment says “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

The term arms should apply to all weapons for personal defense.

In the past there have been fringe opinions that say the Second Amendment applies to knives.

The Washington State Court of Appeals said that knives and clubs do count as arms.  The irony is thst they made this argument to uphold the conviction of a man carrying a concealed paring knife, using the logic that a knife explicitly intended for kitchen use was not a weapon and therefore protected as arms.

There is a good argument posted in the WSJ justifying knives as protected arms.

But I want to see it fully expanded to include all weapons.

The club is man’s oldest weapon.

I routinely carry an ASP 12 inch concealable baton.  There are places or situations where it us preferable to or useful in conjunction with a gun.

But many places, the laws on impact weapons is vague.

As Gun Culture 2.0 expands and becomes more common and transforms into Gun Culture 3.0 and beyond, the focus is more and more on personal defense rather than hunting abd target shooting.

All weapons for personal defense fall under our cultural purview.

We need to go on the advance and secure the rights to concealed carry not just for guns but for all weapons of a defensive nature.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “What the next push for Bruen needs to be”
  1. Agreed, and there are organizations that have been pursuing this for years. Your doing a post on the Knife Rights organization, for example, could do a lot to raise their profile. They’ve been doing yeoman’s work for years to unravel the weird knife prohibitions and are just starting to leverage Bruen. kniferights.org

    Also SCOTUS in several rulings has stated that arms encompasses more than firearms (I think including Heller and Bruen but IANAL). Remember the Massachusetts ruling about stun guns?

  2. A very good idea, some of the self defense insurance companies will not cover defensive cases where you use other means than a gun. Some of them are changing others are not or can not change.

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