What was Alyssa Milano doing in the Kavanaugh Hearing?

Via The Feral Irishman:

You remember the post yesterday where Alyssa Milano was seen in the chambers where the Kavanaugh Hearings were about to be held:

Since I did not watch the hearings, it seems something was happening in the background and it involved our little deranged girl:

The double tap that Alyssa Milano used was to have two signs.

The first was deliberately allowed to be confiscated, so that the cops would relax.

Then Milano would cause a commotion with her SECOND sign, which the planners thought the cops would have missed.
(28) Therefore we can conclude that this was an elaborate plan that involved United States senators and their staffers.

When they said “By any means necessary,” they weren’t kidding.

Thread by @ThomasWictor: “(1) Well, I’ll explain to you why @Alyssa_Milano did this.

In any other era, I would have dismissed this as over-excitable imagination. But the way the Democrats and assorted minions are behaving lately, I have to be at least concerned that I am no longer trusting good sense coming from that side.

6 Replies to “What was Alyssa Milano doing in the Kavanaugh Hearing?”

  1. She was perfectly fine with working for Harvey Weinstein and his wife on Project Runway All Stars , though .

    As far as I know, she still hasn’t said a bad word about old Harv .

  2. It is all “fun & games” until the Secret Service or the Capitol Police pops a cap in the ass of a deranged progtard, or a gaggle of them, trying to start trouble in there.

    Actions have consequences and these fascist progtards are way the hell overdue for a lesson.

  3. Best part of the whole thing was when Lindsey Graham went off. Alyssa Milano looked like she was trying to hide. I think she thought she was about to be skewered along with the democrats on the committee. The rest of the time she was sitting up and looking at the camera trying to make it about her. Lindsey started his rant, and she just slunk down in her seat looking like she really wanted to be somewhere else. I found it amusing.

  4. I don’t know if any of you caught this, but I saw a capitol police official in the chambers walk to that row several times and talk with somebody that I could not see.

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