Miguel was right, Kavanaugh was treated as a kiddie fondler.

Digging into the USA Today article, it says:

McFadden told USA TODAY Sports’ A.J. Perez on Friday that “adult volunteers with extensive contact with children” go through fingerprinting, criminal background checks and training under what is called the VIRTUS program.

“The person is VIRTUS-trained,” McFadden said of Kavanaugh, “and has gone through a background check, which was clean.”

So Kavanaugh has gone through multiple background checks, training, and in his entire history as a coach has never had a single accusation of misconduct leveled against him by a player or parent, but still that’s not enough.

It will never be enough.

Consider how the left talks about gun control and concealed carry.  At face value they say “we want people to have background checks and training, then we’re fine with owning guns.”  It makes them seem reasonable to moderates.

Then we bring up things like the 4473 and NICS and states that have CCW training and… it’s still not enough.  They want psychological testing, police interviews, training that exceeds the standards of most local law enforcement, etc.  They continue to move the goalposts until it’s clear they want to hurdles to clear to be impossibly high.

Then we say “that’s unreasonable, police and federal LEOs don’t go through that much to have guns issued to them.”  Then they turn around and say “you’re against common sense regulations.”

That is exactly what will happen here.

I guarantee that this is what the FBI investigation of Kavanaugh will be like:

And yes, I think that Diane Feinstein is Dark Helmet.  She’s short, stupid, and evil.

So after this last investigation doesn’t come back with evidence of the allegation against him, you know, you know, that the Democrats are not going to say “well, we asked for the FBI investigation, they didn’t find anything, we’re cool with Kavanaugh now.”

The hard part is figuring out what they will say.

It might be “but Trump interfered with the FBI.”

It might be “but this is the same FBI that sunk the election for Hillary, so we can’t trust them.”

It is hard for many on the Right to really grok the level of immorality that the Left will stoop to for political gain.

We rack our brains to come up with an idea and think “No serious or decent person would stoop so low as to imply or accuse a man of child molestation without evidence.  That’s beyond the pale of human decency.”

Then they do it.

We know that the Left is an ideology that has put 50 million people in death camps.  We know the Left is an ideology that has deliberately starved 50 million people to death.  We know about the gas chambers, firing squads, torture.

We know in the US that the very first Democrat, Andrew Jackson, was responsible for the Trail of Tears.  We know the Democrats ran against the abolition of slavery and created Jim Crow.  We know that the first Progressive Democrat, Woodrow Wilson segregated the military.  We know that the most beloved Progressive Democrat of all time, FDR, interred the Japanese, sent Jewish refugees back to Nazi Germany, and created a plan to disperse the survivors of the Holocaust to the most barren parts of the world.

Still, we have a hard time predicting just how evil they can be.

If I were to say that the Democrats right now are combing through the financials of every woman who might have known Kavanaugh in high school to look for one with bad credit and a history of bankruptcy, who would be willing to corroborate Dr. Ford’s testimony to the FBI in exchange for a fat pile of George Soros money, I couldn’t take myself seriously.  That sounds like the kind of tinfoil hat bullshit that Alex Jones would rant about.

Which probably means they are doing  it.

Assuming they are unable (because I pretty sure they are willing) to fabricate evidence against Kavanaugh, what happens next?

What degree of evil will they stoop to?

How far will they push the goal post while still screaming that the GOP is “not being reasonable?”

Whatever it is, you know it will be horrible, and you know that it is coming.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “What will happen to Kavanaugh in a week?”
  1. It depends on whether or not the Democrats win a majority in the House and Senate.
    If they do win, expect impeachment of any SCOTUS Justice they don’t like, along with the President and Vice-President, which will install the Speaker as our new President.
    If they don’t win, expect thinks to go kinetic. Does the right have the balls to meet violence with violence? I sincerely doubt it.

    1. I think the problem is that of “who will be the first?”

      John Brown started his anti slavery insurrection with the raid on Harper’s Ferry. He was arrested and hung as a traitor.

      The next year the Civil War happened.

      The first group will suffer the same fate and nobody wants to stick their neck out and die as a martyr to the cause.

      That’s why so many hope the radical left will fire the first shots, then the ensuing pushback is justified.

      We’re all waiting for that one person to fire that first shot and see what happens.

    2. Remember that impeachment (a charge) takes the majority of the House, but conviction (actually doing something to the person charged) requires 2/3 of the Senate. Even if the Dems win every Senate election, they won’t have 2/3.

  2. The Dems are all ready trying to make it into a tape with the help of paid protestors. The investigation wasn’t long enough, needs to cover more. The Republicans need to grow some balls, the libtards will never support them no matter how much they try

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