A buddy seny this to me.  It’s a post from the Nextdoor App in a neighborhood down the street from where I used to live.


I’m suspicious that this guy was looking to steal things.

I believe he was checking to see if anyone was home and possibly break in.

The son did the thing we warn you not to do and break your perimeter, but at the sane time, these people left their perimeter wide open with the garage door open.

Once someone enters your garage, they are in your house.  They have access to all the stuff you store in there.

I don’t think it would have been legal to yeet that guy, but I definitely would have had the cops arrest him for trespassing.

What would you have done?

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “What would you do?”
  1. Got to be careful w/ garages. Ohio recently had a case where a robber had his burglary conviction vacated because the garage door was open and the owner was home, but didn’t use ‘stealth, force, or deception’.

  2. What would I do? Keep the garage door closed and make sure the cameras and alarms work…
    And take the guys photo while he’s talkin to me. I told my wife and mom if you are home alone and someone shows up there is nothing wrong with greeting them at the door with a firearm in thier hand..

  3. Assuming I take the place of the boy in this scenario, I’d pull my sidearm while giving the command to leave the garage and property immediately. I’d bring the pistol up to capture the identity of the intruder on the gun mounted camera, and then if the command was followed, the pistol would be brought to the low ready position. If not, a warning would be given, informing the intruder that he’ll be shot unless he leaves my property.
    If he leaves as commanded, I will follow about twenty to thirty feet back, keeping his feet in camera view. Any statements by him would be answered with, “Leave the property NOW, I don’t want to shoot you”.
    However, If he did not follow the initial command, and ducked upon seeing me bring the pistol to bear on the situation, I would retreat into my home. Lock the garage inside door. Call 911 and take up a position by a window to determine if he was in the process of leaving or if I could not determine where he was and to assist the 911 operator with facts of the situation best as I could determine.
    I’ve been in this type of situation, with a sidearm holstered and without a sidearms holstered. Since the last of these three situations, I’ve always had a sidearm strapped on, lawfully, and with the knowledge of the particular state’s case laws regarding the enforcing of applicable state law. And one of the main reasons for leaving MA was due to that state’s illegal anti-second amendment laws. And I would have to rewrite my strategy if my home was still in MA. What I did write is based on a home in Florida.

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