Unless you were in a coma over the weekend, you heard the news that the Muller investigation came to an end, Attorney General William Barr released a summary letter of the conclusion of the investigation and the big news was…

There was no evidence of collusion with Russia or obstruction of justice, and no more indictments are coming down the pipe from Muller.

It must be made crystal clear that this was the THRID invesigtion that found the same thing.

Trump was investigated by the Senate Intelligence Committee and by the House Judiciary Committee.

Both Congressional investigations came to the same conclusion.

A day before the Muller investigation ended Presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke said it was “beyond  shadow of a doubt” that Trump colluded with Russia.   That’s hard to walk back.

Rep Shelia Jackson Lee went on TV and said that she didn’t believe the report and Trump colluded with Russia.

Across the Left there are three major talking points that I can see.

One: the report is a lie, Mueller and Barr have been compromised.

Two: the report didn’t exonerate Trump, which means he’s guilty of something and Muller just isn’t prosecuting for reasons.

Three: the investigation lead to other convictions so Trump has to be guilty of something.

The latter two follow in the new Democrat position of a presumption of guilt.  Keep in mind that the other convictions were for things like not paying taxes, not treason.

The thing is, this “Trump beat Hillary because Putin put him in office” has been THE Democrat narrative since the second Wednesday in November, 2016.

Politicians, media personalities, and alike have promised us that the evidence will come out and Bad Orange Man will be impeached.

Now… bupkis.

So what’s next?  Where does the Democrat party go from here?

Do they walk it back and concede that they were wrong?

Do they keep pounding that Trump colluded?

I believe that Bigfoot himself has the evidence and will deliver it to Congress when he testifies under oath.

Do they just expect the American people to sort of forget the last two-and-a-half years?

I honestly have no idea.

What I do know is that if the Adam Schiff/Jackson Lee theory that collusion happened and Mueller was compromised becomes the mainstream narrative, it will only get worse from here.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “What’s next”
  1. Please, by all means Democrats, keep this going. Don’t ever stop. You’re galvanizing about 20% of the population, and completely alienating the remaining 80%.

    This is what desperation looks like. It’s insane and ugly. This was the great last hope of the left, and it was a complete dud.

  2. On those other indictments: there’s an interesting op-ed in today’s WSJ saying that those could be dismissed on the grounds that the funding of the Special Counsel wasn’t legal. (Apparently he got paid from the “independent counsel” account, which isn’t meant to pay special counsels since those are different. And actions taken by supposed government officials who were not properly appointed, or whose activities were not properly funded, may get thrown out for that reason.
    Interesting. I wonder if Manafort or Flynn will take up that cudgel.

  3. The TDS types will be glomming onto this, and become the next group of irrational truthers to plague the internet with half baked theories and facts way out of context.
    And like most other irrational truthers, you can’t argue with them, you can’t reason with them, Just point and laugh.

  4. Was listening to Rush and he says all this lunacy is driving democrats to vote for Trump in 202.
    Also callers were saying they were leaving the democrat party and LOTS of their friends were too. These media morons just cant figure out that America sick and tired of this crap.

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