Waking up to this. About 2 inches and expected 3 more later today. I checked the road and there is a pretty later of frigging ice under the snow.

Work already cancelled us for the day. And I believe tomorrow won’t be any better.

In other news, I believe J Kb, Hagar and AWA are recreating the Ice Age in their respective zip codes.

Everybody stay safe! And that include my Floridians… you warm bastards!



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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

10 thoughts on “What’s that white crap in my front lawn?”
  1. We haven’t seen a temp above 0 in 36 hours up here in Indiana. The highest temp until late Wednesday is 3. On Wednesday we’ll get 19 when a warm front comes in.

  2. It’s happening here now (just East of Knoxville). Got a mere dusting overnight, but now there’s snow accumulating on lawns and roofs.
    I don’t need to go anywhere the next few days… except out to the poultry pens to tend the critters. Ducks are happy (so far); chickens, not so much.
    Supposed to get seriously cold Wednesday. Funsies!

  3. I need to check YouTube for new car pinball videos. Portland is covered in ice right now. I also got some epic travel experiences in Southern Oregon as we got blizzards, high winds and road closures. On the bright side all the ski trails and resorts opened after no snow all December.

    1. I have noticed a definite cycle attached to the landing of the white stuff.

      First week, it’s a lot of car pinball, as you so eloquently stated. That takes the first batch of idiots off the road, (and makes all the body shops a ton of money,) and the ones that ‘forgot’ how to drive in friction reduced environments, (including the morons in the lifted 4x4s that have the ‘I gotta big – err truck – that doesn’t obey the rules of physics’ and go flying by in the snow only to wind up in the ditch.)

      Things settle down for a bit. People that DIDN’T have the misfortune of deforming the body works, but DID have to go home and change their underwear, become much more cautious.

      That seems to be the ‘sweet spot’, the few weeks following the first snow, up until it melts off.

      Short term memory loss seems to kick in, and then the second dose follows. Lather, rinse, repeat…

  4. The three worst snowstorms I ever had to drive through were in Peoria, Detroit, and from Ann Arbor to Detroit. I neither line in those places nor visit them in the winter anymore.

  5. We might be warm compared to northerners, but we are having a ‘real Florida winter’ this year. Rain three out of four days a week, nighttime lows in the 45–55-degree range and a fifteen-mph northerly wind during the days we don’t have rain. In other words, excellent weather by which to engage in advanced CQC training–the more aggressive you are the more comfortable you are, plus “happiness is a warm gun momma” synchs well while putting five-round groups into multiple moving targets in a downpour.

  6. They were playing this up big in the north AL area. Talking 5” or more of snow. That would have been cool since the little one loves playing out in the snow. As of now, it’s just been an entire day of sleet over top of a glazing of ice, only place that got snow was over in the Muscle Shoals/Florence area. Does make me get a little frustrated with the weather guessers giving these systems a lot of hype but then nothing near what they say is going to happen actually happens (happened on Friday and they were calling for Wizard of Oz levels of wind and rain which lead to all the schools closing, we got 3-4 hours of 25-30mph sustained winds and a 1/2” of rain). Oh well, such is the way of the world.

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