I saw this today.  No it’s not a bad Photoshop, it’s Sig’s new MPX Copperhead.

Maybe I’m just a Fudd, but I’m kind of at a loss here.

All the ballistic performance of a Glock 26 (3.5 inch barrel).

All the weight of a Desert Eagle (4.5 lbs).

All the concealability of an AR-15 Upper and lower group.

All for the low, low price of $2,000 (MSRP $1,800 but that’s without the optic and it doesn’t come with sights of any kind).

I just don’t get it.

Look, I get the point of a compact PDW, I really do.  But at some point there is diminishing return on shortening the barrel.  You lose accuracy and ballistic performance.  You increase the likelyhood of shooting yourself in your Left (off) hand.  I don’t get the point of a PDW with a barrel shorter than your sidearm.

I thought the MP5SK with its 4.5 in barrel was pushing it, but this is just sort of comical.

Some part of me feels like some design engineer over at Sig went into work angry on a Monday morning muttering “too small, there is no such thing as too small…” and went to work on AutoCad.

I may be wrong, and maybe the tactical crowd will eat this up, but personally, this trend towards shorter and shorter barrels is getting kind of ridiculous.


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By J. Kb

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  1. Given the same overall length, a pistol with a longer barrel would allow the round to develop more muzzle energy. This gizmo looks like it was designed to be a TV prop.

  2. Now, if that thing had a threaded barrel instead of that weird monstrosity, it would make a lot more sense. Suppressors are best on a non-moving barrels and its still nice & compact in overall length. Shoulder stocks are more accurate. After all my ideal grail home defense weapon is a 45 acp SBR carbine with a suppressor, but this thing is far from my ideal.

    1. When it comes to suppressors, you get your best performance when all your powder burns inside the barrel. Too short a barrel and you get unburned powder entering and burning inside the suppressor and that is both bad for the suppressor and makes a loud pop. Good news is that you get full powder burn with a 45 ACP in a 10 inch barrel and with 230 grain standard pressure you get about 950 FPS.

      A 45 ACP SBR with an 8 – 10 inch barrel is perfect for a 45 ACP.

  3. If you don’t see the dire need for this gun, you most likely never wanted to be the tacticoolest kid on the block.

  4. Nice to see this. I’m trying out a Kel-Tec pmc as a PDW. The 22 mag has about the same ballistics as the 5.7×28 round that was developed for the p-90 and is about $1500 cheaper. Plus a brick of 500 35 gr. 22mags is about the size of a brick. And it weighs about 4 pounds. Recoil? N/A. The only drawback is it may need cleaning about every 150 rounds. But we’ll see.

    1. I agree, and put another way it’s just marketing being marketing. Some people want to buy things because they’re “neat”. I don’t have the luxury anymore, but I’ve done it myself because it was fun.

  5. H & K P51- 8 inch barrel, .308 cal. Full auto. Zero practicality. One man earth quake that sure is FUN heh heh. Ya. i dont get a pistol sized carbine either. But then again some guys like to golf….

  6. I got me a Scorpion Evo3 and put an arm brace on it. The 7.5 inch barrel is threaded for a suppressor and has rails for mounting lights, etc. With a suppressor, laser sight, and 32 round magazines, I can put all 32 rounds on a 25 yard target as fast as I can pull the trigger- no recoil and VERY quiet.

  7. You’d think they’d go 5 or 6 inch I don’t get 3.5 myself.

    There is something to be said about the added stability of the stock but I think that is it, I really don’t see any benefit to not going 5-6 inches…

    Who knows I’m not an operator and have never operated operationally in an operating car in and operating theatre so I could be wrong.

  8. Probably trying to get back some of the development money they spent on the pdw program that ramped up and then got cancelled this summer.

    If it looks cool, people will buy them.

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