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6 thoughts on “When even the cows are tired of the Californians”
  1. The rule of thumb is to never be in the same field as a bull unless you know it and are sure it’s calm AT THAT MOMENT. If it thinks you’re a threat or rival…

    1. Also, never ride your mountain bike around anything that’s likely to be provoked by your presence.
      This includes mountain lions, coyotes, bees, sheep, Sierra Club hikers, and toy poodles.
      (Seriously: all other land users hate mountain bikers. At least back in the 90s, around Silicon Valley, there were good reasons for this.)

    2. I can definitely agree with this comment about ensuring the bull is calm at that moment.

      Grew up on a farm. When I was about 9 or 10, I noticed our pickup had a new, hefty dent in the passenger door, so I asked my parents about it.

      Dad said something about the bull in the pasture didn’t like Mom driving around in the truck, trying to push the cows in for milking, so the bull decided to charge the truck.

      From what I remember of the size of the dent, that bull didn’t hold back when it came after the truck.

      1. Dad was in the habit of calling out to the bull whenever he went into the barn. Grampa told him he shouldn’t “play with” the bull. Dad’s answer was “I’m not playing with him! I want to make sure I always know where he is!”

  2. That cyclist probably doesn’t go for rides in the country. I’m an avid cyclist, when I see a loose dog on the road ahead, I stop or turn around. If you try to ride past it, you better be sure you can outrun it. This guy made a poor decision. I wouldn’t have ridden up to a Holstein heifer, much less a Bull.

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