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She is Woke, oh so very Woke.

She decided to voice her opinion on the gun debate, and is the wont for the Woke, her thesis had everything to do with why white people are racist.

She has no evidence, but she has bellyfeel that because white people believe in something, it must be rooted in wanting to murder brown people.

She doubled down.

She feels.  She still lacks evidence, but when it’s better to be morally correct than factually correct, her feelings are what really matter.

And, I figured it was an ethos that came from a nation born of revolution against tyranny.

Also, it’s good to know that everything white people have is stolen.

Yep, white people want guns because they are terrified of and want to kill everyone darker than them.  Where have I heard this before?  Oh yeah, that was the thesis of Michael Moore in Bowling for Columbine.

As you can imagine, there was pushback against this.

How did she respond?

Sorry that I am a fragile white man.  I just generally don’t like being told I am guilty of something I am not guilty of.  Be it racism, or if I am ever nominated to the Supreme Court, leading a high school gang rape club.

This bullshit argument again.

“My [family member] owns a gun so I can voice a blanket opinion that disparages millions of law-abiding people I don’ t know and have never met.”

It seems to me that making assumptions about why millions of people own guns based on the color of their skin, and making the assumption that their main motivation is bigoted and malicious is…. what’s the word?


But she feels this is true so it must be and if you object, it’s because you are a fragile white man who has yet to internalize just how awful you are and seek redemption from the Church of Woke.

The scariest thing about this whole thread is that this woman is about to complete the seminary.

This is why we will never be able to reach an understanding with the other side on guns.


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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “When everything is racist, so are gun rights”
  1. The Klan (white democrat storm troopers) did their damnedest to ensure that the freed slaves couldn’t own firearms in the post Civil War era. And of course the people exercising their newly permitted ability to cary concealed in Chicago are all white supremacists, NOT.

  2. Could someone as Ms. Henny to provide an objective, empirical, and falsifiable definition for “white people”?

    I have been asking identity politics types who blame “white people” for everything wrong in the world and white-supremacist types who credit “white people” for everything good in the world this same question for twenty-odd years… None of them seem able to explain it.

    1. It’s been obvious for a while that “falsifiable” is not a concept they understand. How else to explain the Cult of Warmism?

    2. Remember that the Jews and Irish weren’t white until we were. Also, do the Sami (Laplander) people count as white if they are also the indigenous/aboriginal people of the northern parts of Scandinavia before the Swedes took their land?

      1. The Persians renamed their country Iran to indicate that they were of Aryan descent both to show their affinity for a certain Herr Hitler and to distinguish themselves from “Arabs.” Now all Muslims get a pass as “Brown” people even if they come from Africa, Indonesia, or Eastern Europe. Then there is that whole Fauxcahontas thing.

        1. Umm… The native people of the region referred to it as Ērān and to themselves as ariyan for centuries before the Greeks showed up and renamed the place Persis. The evidence for this is literally carved in stone.

          Persian civilization has a long history that’s as distinctly different from the Arabs is it is the Greeks or the Chinese.

          1. Yes. And also a language that has no connection to Arabic, but does have a connection to English (and to Hindi, for that matter).

            1. At least linguistic groups can be objectively, empirically, and falsifiable defined and determined. A person either speaks Farsi or they don’t; they speak English or they don’t; they speak Chinese or they don’t…

              Likewise, national origin can be determined objectively, empirically, and falsifiably. You’re either a French citizen or you’re not; a Nigerian citizen or you’re not; a Panamanian citizen or you’re not…

              So to can geographic origins be determined objectively, empirically, and falsifiably: Asia is Asia, Africa is Africa, South America is South America…

              Vague bullshit like “whiteness,” “black culture,” “person of color,” or other such labels have no validity to them. They’re fiction.

  3. As she is woke she is going to hate white people. ESPECIALLY white males to to point of either secretly or more commonly openly oppressing white people or outright exterminating them Soley because they are white. They are very racist but because the targets of there racism are white it doesn’t count as racist since in in the leftist mind white peoples are all evil subhuman animals that need to be destroyed. Either subjugated or exterminated. That will be their platform in 2028; and they will win on it.

    It’s projection. They are also incapable and if capable unwilling to realize there own inherent racism, bigotry and hatred. If called out on it they react, sometimes violently. Having them realize they are wrong or in sane is impossible. Even to the point of when they become useful idiots and get lined up against the wall and shot.

    recently someone told me that he thinks the reason why some anti-gun people compare guns to penises is because they themselves get sexually aroused at the thought of guns being banned, confiscated and us being killed by the government. It makes sense because they use government as a substitute for religion. So many anti-gunners also suffer from “lust murder“. Which is an actual medical term. I don’t think there is a single word for it. The idea of how they fantasize about the dominating and killing of gun owners using the force of the state which is there church giving them sexual pleasure could explain some things. I would add to that hypothesis saying for many anti-gun people they no longer get aroused by it anymore; they become desensitized. So the next step is to try and make it a reality.

  4. Modern gun control is racist from it’s inception all the way through it’s implementation. Read the history of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense and the Mulford Act, brought to you in 1967 by Ronald Reagan and wait for it… the NRA.

    For a short period of time, in the effort to stop the standards of of beating black people in police custody in Oakland, Bobby Seale and Huey Newton, read the legal statutes in California, and found that open carry was entirely legal in CA.

    So they started the original “cop watch” and developed a rapid response team who would come openly armed to witness any arrest in Oakland. They were remarkably effective in bringing down the levels of beatings and cop-on-citizen shootings in Oakland – for awhile.

    Nothing scares the elites like black people with guns, so about a year later, St Ronnie signed the Mulford Act, which started the modern era of gun control. We’d made “tommy guns” so quasi legal that it was *very* hard for anyone to own full auto in 1934, but Mulford went much farther. A year after Mulford, it went Federal.

    Now if you’re darker skinned, you’re far more likely to get arrested, your convictions far more likely to be felonies, and if you’re a felon in possession of a gun, more likely to be prosecuted for it. Racist in it’s design and implementation.

  5. My uncles were hunters. My dad is retired military.

    Dear Ms. Henny,

    Not one of those MEN in your life instilled any values or objective morality in you?

    Or did you decide you didn’t have to listen to approximately two centuries (at least) of accumulated knowledge and life experience, simply because those role models are MEN, and that conflicts with your “Woke” self-identity?

    Because — speaking for myself but taking your dad’s point of view — if I had served my country and retired honorably, and my kid grew up to disregard, despise, and work to undo everything I fought for, I’d be ashamed to call them my kid.

    Just sayin’.

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