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15 thoughts on “When feminism slams into the Dunning-Kruger effect”
  1. What’s worse is the Twitter comments from people online who think they know better. There is one guy who says the AC runs on the battery while the engine is running but the car isn’t moving.
    The two guys in the video claim the girls will “get electrocuted” if they leave the cables on the car. They don’t know much more than the girls do.

  2. But… her dad is a mechanic.

    And… My neighbor is an ear/nose/throat surgeon. I guess that means I am OK to use a scalpel on you, right?

  3. This is what you get when STEM is de-emphasized in school.

    And these ‘ladies’ have never been taught the concept of variable speed air. You know, roll down the windows and go fast to cool off? Like back in the cars with no a/c. (Ah, fond memories of laying in the back of my dad’s Ford Falcon station wagon while driving through the desert in California…)(And today? Car better have a working a/c. I’ve done non-a/c cars as an adult in Florida and it sweats balls…)

  4. I Do Not Cater to the Clinicly Insane.
    It is Wrong!
    Helping there collective Insanity, i am for.

    Forget this. Woo-Flu crap, well dont, but.

    It needs to Start HERE! Cause it did.

    I am addressing this Political Sexual Collective Clinical (ABUSE) INSANITY.

    I Will Not And Do Not Reinforce Clinical Insanity.
    (As i told the BGC examiner trying to convince me he was a she) Boss did appreciate that, haha.
    I got one in the family. I DO NOT, I Have NOT and I Will Not carer to this. I am sure I am Hated for it.
    And my grave will be pissed on, So be it.

    A Born Biologicial Male CAN NEVER be Female.
    It can Pretend(Hollywood), fine.
    Mark GP(Gender Pretender) on the License. Fine, whatever.
    But It CAN NEVER Be. And Vissey Versy…

    Just axe the Chromosomes and The FBI forensic Lab?

    Do Not Reinforce Collective Clinical Insanity.
    It is Wrong.

  5. Nothing entirely new. Years ago in college, right after a snowstorm, a group of girls were frozen out of their car. I offered to help and, when they accepted, grabbed my ice scraper and hopped over a hill of snow. One of the girls started making snide comments about me showing off (admittedly I was a little, they were cute) but the other two told her to shut the hell up because I was willing to help them.

  6. Just leave them alone. Know-it- alls are not receptive to ANYTHING. Especially liberal women know-it-alls. If it doesn’t directly involve you just go on about your day. Fuk em.

  7. I will ask most people if they want any help, when they say no, I’m gone. If they say yes and then try to tell me what to do, I’m really gone, while laughing my ass off.

  8. Years ago my wife at the time demanded that I go out and get a gallon of milk. This is in Maryland where we’ve just had something like 10 inches of snow in a nearly snow free zone.

    I’m now about to drive to the store so I put on my coat gloves and custom made elk skin moccasins. They were custom in that they laced half way up my shins. Things I picked up back in Michigan.

    I walk the 1/2 mile and get over to the main road and their is a cop stuck. She’s black with attitude. I still help her get her squad free of the snow and she takes off without even saying thank you.

    A block latter she’s stuck again. I again push her out.

    Twice more I push her out. She’s not willing to listen to a word I had to say.

    I just laughed as I came out of the 7/11 with my milk and started for home. She was about 2 blocks in the opposite direction, stuck again.

    There is an entire class of people that don’t want to take advise from anybody they think is below them. Her opinion was “He ain’t driving, he ain’t got nothing to say to me.” That’s because I know that my TA with 16in wheels isn’t going to do well on on plowed roads right after/during a snow storm.

    So I didn’t drive, I walked.

    1. Heh. Now I really feel old. I remember when air conditioning was a very expensive option on high-end cars, and nobody who had a “real” job could afford it. That was back when you wanted cloth seats because you could get in the car after it was sitting in the sun for hours without screaming the moment your rear end hit the seat. Or when you rolled down the windows and just let the car sit for a few minutes before you got in…

  9. I’d forgotten about air conditioning in cars but you’re right. Now that I think of it, A/C didn’t really become a thing in regular cars until the mid-1980s or later that I can remember.
    My first car (a used 1976 Ford Pinto) didn’t have it, although A/C was an option on the higher trim levels. My second car was a new 1988 Mazda and I had to pay extra to have A/C put in. My 3rd car was a new car and by then (1990) I was able to afford a nicer car that had A/C and power windows/locks standard.
    I think even the lowest end cars have all that now, right?

    1. To Tom in East Tennessee:

      Yeah. I went out to my local dealer and asked for the cheapest pickup they could sell me that had less than 150,000 miles. I always use a beater for commuting. It was a 2011 fleet pickup with almost nothing — radio but no CD player or bluetooth or wireless console, no backup video, manual windows (first time I manually rolled up a window in 10 years), cloth seats, plastic floor. But it had power steering and AC.

      By the way, where in East Tennessee are you? I’m in Seymour.

  10. I’ve become so cynical that I automatically think that anything like this on the web is not real, that they made this up and are acting for clicks.

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