When it comes to gun, MSNBC’s defaut position is to lie.

Via Col Bloodnock @RubgyFan

Notice the time and date: Today at 8: am

However CNN had  6 hours or so earlier, published that the Asshole Shooter Katz had bought the gun in Maryland.

Katz legally purchased a 9mm handgun and a .45-caliber handgun back home in Maryland in the last month, according to officials. One of the weapons had a laser sight that attached to the gun, officials said. It’s unclear how he transported the weapons — and extra ammunition — to Jacksonville, or how he got them into the event.

Anybody with internet access could have very well gotten that information, but somehow it escaped the sharp eyes of the MSNBC crew? Nay I say in my opinion.. If you watch the video from MSNBC, you see litany against the Florida laws, a couple of slight “mistakes” and then the attack against Governor Rick Scott who is after Senator Bill Nelson’s seat. Scott seems to be edging out the long-time serving Democrat in the polls and that has to be scaring the crap out of Democrats as Florida would go from Purple to full Red.


7 Replies to “When it comes to gun, MSNBC’s defaut position is to lie.”

  1. The greatest fear of the Leftwads is that once they are drummed out of power, they are going to have to commit to violence to get back in, and they know that is a losing proposition in the here and now.

  2. So, The darling Wife will not allow me to watch Da Nooz on the TB (not a typo). It seems, that when I watch Da Noooz, my Tourette’s ramps way, way up. And, being an old fire medic, when I have Tourette’s, I REALLY have Tourette’s. New pain on the walls Tourette’s.

    i wonder why that is? /sarc

  3. Scott is an anti gun quisling. I won’t vote for that sonuvabitch. I won’t vote for a Dem, either. So I will be leaving that particular race blank.

    1. You forget– the party in power sets the agenda, votes for judges, holds the chairs. Even if you don’t like a particular guy, think of the consequences if the democraps have the majority, again. Please do not abstain. Hold your nose and vote against the democrap, please. Do it — for the children…..

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