When Jews go too woke

The Forward has always been a progressive Jewish magazine.  Usually I could forgive their progressiveness because despite it, they were good about calling out Left Wing anti-Semitism.

That was, until now.

The Forward published an article that was so woke, I thought it was going to give me an intracranial bleed trying to wrap my mind around it.

Is A String Of Attacks Against Brooklyn Jews Really About Anti-Semitism?

Jews are being targeted in Brooklyn, somehow that’s not anti-Semitic.

Mindel Zaetz’s husband was chased down the street last week by a group of men while he was on his way home from work, just off of Eastern Parkway, the broad thoroughfare that runs through the middle of Crown Heights, in Brooklyn.

“He came home really spooked,” said Zaetz, 29, as she was on her way home from midday shopping. “He said, ‘I’m not going out at night anymore.’ I said, ‘Finally.’”

Out of six attacks on Jews in Brooklyn in the last month and a half, three have occurred in Crown Heights. On Oct. 15, a teenager beat a Jewish man with a stick. On Nov. 19, a high school-age yeshiva student was “sucker-punched” by an assailant. On Saturday, a man was punched without provocation on his way to synagogue. The last incident came amid four attacks on Jewish people — two of them on children — that occurred on the same weekend.

If Crown Heights rings a bell, it was the location of America’s pogrom, when the Reverend Al Sharpton whipped the black population into a frenzy after a car accident during a funeral procession.

Also, why have I not heard of this string of attacks on Jews in Brooklyn on CNN or MSNBC.

The attacks have triggered fears in those communities that more violence is in the offing. In Crown Heights, many residents interviewed this week, like Zaetz, have a story about an attack or a near miss that didn’t get reported to the police. Jews are being targeted, say residents of these communities, by members of non-white ethnic groups who see Jews as symbols of gentrification in their neighborhoods.

The attacks were committed by “non-white ethnic groups,” that explains the media blackout.  This is nothing new of course.

The media has had shit coverage topic for more than a quarter of a century.

“It’s less of an anti-Semitic thing than they needed a target to respond to this word: gentrification,” said Mendel Turner, 28, a salesman at the Borsalino hat store on Kingston Avenue.

What?  Anybody who knows anything about New York City knows about the issue of “Jewish landlords.”  It is something that has gotten so bad that one politician ran for city council – as a Democrat – on a platform of:

He just believes a cabal of “greedy Jewish landlords” is conspiring, funded by money from Israel, to conduct “ethnic cleansing” of black and Latino residents from Harlem. He believes the Jewish media are covering it up.

This was one of his campaign videos:

So saying these attacks are “anti gentrification” is the local New York City equivalent to being “anti Zionist.”  It means raging anti-Semitism with a progressive candy coating to justify the hatred.

The New York Police Department declined to respond to emailed questions from the Forward, and declined to make any representatives available to answer questions.

The incidents come amid reports about a 37% national rise in anti-Semitic incidents in 2017, according to FBI statistics. Yet the Jewish residents of Crown Heights say what’s happening in their neighborhoods is unrelated to the white nationalism that seems to have fueled numerous incidents of Nazi-inflected vandalism nationally. Indeed, no one who was arrested for perpetrating an anti-Semitic hate crime in New York City in the 22 months leading up to October has been associated with a far right group.

And since it can’t be blamed on Trump, nobody in New York City gives a shit.

The attacks in Crown Heights are “clearly anti-Semitic,” said the executive director of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Rabbi Eli Cohen. But, he said, “if someone feels that white supremacists are feeling more empowered, how would that make a young minority kid hit a Jewish person?”

At least the Rabbi get it.

Zaetz said that she is having her elementary school-age son take the bus to school — a three-block journey he used to do by foot. When explaining her decision, Zaetz said she used the early evening winter darkness as an excuse, lest she scare him.

“I don’t feel threatened when I walked down the streets, but I know this area has changed,” said Shani, 36, who declined to give her last name. Public school children frequently yell “Heil Hitler!” into the front gate of her kids’ school, she said.

But when black children yell “Heil Hitler!” at Jewish children, that’s not anti-Semitic?

Crown Heights residents say that the attacks here are caused by local issues, and need local solutions. They say that rapid gentrification, less intensive policing and other pressures are combining to stoke animosity between Jewish and other minority communities.

Jews are pegged as the representatives of gentrification because, in many poor Brooklyn neighborhoods, they are, says Avi Leshes, a director of economic development at the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. He pointed to hotly contested development project like one in the Broadway Triangle, in East Williamsburg, from a Hasidic-owned company.

This is nothing new.  The next paragraph blew my mind.

Like, I had to pause and make my head stop spinning from reading it.

And while the attacks are targeting Jews, it may be because black people identify Judaism as “a form of almost hyper-whiteness,” according to Mark Winston Griffith, executive director of the Black Movement Center, a not-for-profit group that promotes communal organizing in the black community in Crown Heights.

Did you catch that?

it may be because black people identify Judaism as “a form of almost hyper-whiteness,” according to Mark Winston Griffith, executive director of the Black Movement Center

Welcome to woke where history becomes irrelevant.

Jews were never considered white.  American progressive eugenicists always excluded Jews from thee category of White PeopleProgressive Democrat President FDR believed that as well.  Most famously, Hitler never considered the Jews Aryan, and the Nazis came up with all sorts of quasi-scientific quack tests to determine the Aryanness of people suspected of being Jews.  The Nazis even came up with a word for light skin ethnic groups like Jews: untermensch – literally “sub human.”

Fast forward to 2018, and instead of the Jews not being white, the way history has always classified them, they are “super white.”

It’s amazing just how fact Progressives can reinvent language to suit their needs to justify Jew hatred.

In that regard, Griffith said, the attacks may Be an extension of animosity toward white people in general, who drive gentrification in Brooklyn. He added that the attacks are not on the radar of people involved in social justice initiatives in Crown Heights.

It’s not anti-Semitism, it’s just that New York Blacks are super anti-white racists and Jews are super white… and anti-white racism doesn’t exist and is a neo-Nazi conspiracy theory so there is nothing to see here.

That’s how you make a string of violent, anti-Semitic attacks disappear.  It’s a woke magic trick.

“To the extent that people hear about it, they are probably thinking about it in the national context of anti-Semitic acts, and the larger landscape of hatred that is being painted by Donald Trump,” he said.

Blacks beating up Jews in NYC can’t be blamed on Trump so it never happened and down the memory with the news.

Leshes, Cohen and others also say that police are not as present in the neighborhood as they once were, leading to a culture of permissiveness for would-be assailants.

“We’re seeing that the police department has taken a new approach to policing that is much more hands-off,” Cohen said. “I hear from the cops that they feel that there is a little bit of a sense of lawlessness.”

The Ferguson Effect strikes again!!!

However, Jewish community leaders like Cohen are cautious about “explaining away” the anti-Semitic nature of the attacks, worrying that it could detract from the severity of the crime.

But that would require progressives to confront the issue of people of color committing hate crimes and racist acts.  I’m not sure they are capable of doing that.

I believe for a Progressive that is like making a robot try and solve a paradox.  Eventually it goes “does not compute” and just shuts down.

What some non-Jewish residents miss is that the issues the assailants may be responding to are things the Jewish community is struggling to deal with as well.

Imani Keith Henry, the executive director of Equality For Flatbush, a not-for-profit that organizes tenants in Brooklyn, said that while many notorious landlords in Crown Heights are Jewish, it’s important to remember that gentrification also impacts poor Jews.

Turner, the hat salesman, said that his parents are finding it increasingly difficult to pay the rent on their apartment, which is not rent-controlled or -stabilized.

“We’re thinking, okay, how are we gonna live here?” he said. “I don’t think people realize that we all have the same concern.”

For Progressives, there is no such thing as poor Jews, that’s just another paradox.

To stop the attacks, community leaders say they are hoping to see more police patrols. Many of them were meeting Tuesday with the commanding officer of the precinct that covers the southern portion of Crown Heights, said the head of governmental affairs for the Crown Heights Community Jewish Council, Chanina Sperlin.

“I always tell them, they have to put a police officer on every corner,” Sperlin said. “You have to make sure the residents are safe.”

Cohen said that he also wants to know if there is some central source of motivation for these attacks.

Yes there is, it’s the Progressive victim mentality.

This is the zenith of Woke.  The Jews have money, white people have money, the Jews are super white and therefore it’s okay to hate them and hurt them and it not be anti-Semitism or bigotry.

That’s progress, going from “kill the untermensch” to “hurt the ubermensch” in a little less than a century.

I wonder how the neo-Nazis and white supremacists feel about the Jews being lumped in with them when it comes to being white and the victims of anti-White violence.

It is almost funny if it weren’t so fucking terrible.


8 Replies to “When Jews go too woke”

  1. You have to admire their determination to link the far right with the rise in anti-semitic incidents when the evidence is it’s coming from the left. It’s a determination to do evil, but it is quite impressive.

  2. Jewish men beaten with sticks by teens, Jewish men sucker punched in the streets, Jewish children attached, “Heil Hitler” shouted at Jewish school children, Jews stereotyped as “Money grubbing landlords”; Berlin 1933? No, New York City 2018. Apparently as long as the perpetrators aren’t wearing swastikas or white sheets it isn’t anti-semitism.

  3. Another thing:

    “He added that the attacks are not on the radar of people involved in social justice initiatives in Crown Heights.”

    1) when you put “social” before something, it means “a complete lack of”.

    2) honestly, who do you think is encouraging these attacks? Does anyone think there are Klansmen or skinheads heading to Crown Heights to encourage blacks to attack Jews? No, it’s coming from the social justice, community organizers, and Nation of Islam types.

    1. ~tongue-in-cheek~

      Regarding your first point, perhaps we should return to the practice of calling STDs “social diseases,” so that they would cease to exist….


    2. I would venture to guess that some pulpits in the area are venting some hatred — on purpose, to stir up the populace. “Blame them, because your life sucks!” We know of a few “preachers” already who are blatant anti-Semites.

      Thanks for the post, JKB! Sure wouldn’t catch this in the New York Times.

  4. The NYPD has gone from a “Broken Windows” Enforcement Policy under Rudy Giuliani to a Broken Skulls Nonenforcement Policy under Bill (Werner Wilhelm) DeBlasio’s Progressive Soviet.

    But they will keep voting for the Democrats?

    Isn’t this week the Anniversary of Al Sharpton’s Freddies Fashion Mart Riot?

    1. One group of New Yorkers vote Democrat because it gives them a literal license to do bad. Another gets all that inflated union mandated high pay for very little work. Others are carefully protected and shielded in the expensive parts from the first group, so they can indulge their nostalge de la boue without any actual personal consequences. And others are fully paid members of the Cult of the Victim, so getting victimized and blaming yourself for being privileged is a Holy Sacrament.

      They get what they want, and they get it good and hard.

  5. “it may be because black people identify Judaism as “a form of almost hyper-whiteness,” according to Mark Winston Griffith, executive director of the Black Movement Center.”

    No, You are just the first on their list. My Christian Conservative Male White Ass is Category 2 of the Genocide List.

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