“Go fight among yourselves” as if the Holocaust was anything remotely resembling a fight, opposed to an organized, mechanical slaughter?

I mean… everything that Woopi Goldberg was faculty wrong.

But that doesn’t matter to Woopi.

In her universe anyone with white skin is white and therefore it’s impossible to be racist against them.

The Nazis might have written tomes on how the Jews were of a different race than the Aryans, but Whoopi just need to see a bunch of white people in camps to know it had nothing to do with race.

This is where the Progressive Left takes you, into a perverse form of Holocaust denialism to justify its own racial ideology.

I just hope the ADL doesn’t try to lecture Woopi because they have her the green light to vomit this bullshit.



Woopi Goldberg went on The Woke Show with Stephen Colbert to continue her diatribe of Woke antisemitism.

Again, she demonstrates her ignorance of history and her own bigotry.

She looks and just sees white people. All the same just being white.

The Nazis had a codified set of laws governing race, the Nuremberg Laws, and spread propaganda on how to identify Jews on sight.

But note how she keeps saying “as a black person.”  She is unable to get out of the oppression Olympics mindset.

The enormity of the largest ethnic genocide in history and she is the victim as a black person because those were just some white people doing white people things and blacks are the only true victims of racism.

And yes, this is a form of Holocaust denialism. She’s not denying that it happened, only most of the motivation, dismissing it as white people fighting.


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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “When Progressive teach Holocaust history – Update”
  1. Whoopi: “It upset a lot of people, which was never, ever, ever, ever my intention….”

    Intent is not transferable, nor does it justify ignorance or negligence in word or deed.

    If a guy gets stabbed to death during a mugging, but the mugger says, “Dude, I just wanted to scare him. It was never (ever ever ever) my intention to kill him,” does he get a pass?

    Lady, you used the words you used, and you meant them (and I strongly suspect you still do). You’ve been in the entertainment industry long enough to know that to most people, words mean things. Your supposed “intention” is irrelevant; you knew or should have known your words would be taken a certain way, and you shouldn’t be surprised that people would be upset.

    A couple more points:

    All this “as a black person” stuff is supposed to make Colbert’s viewers forget that Whoopi Goldberg has had a VERY long and VERY successful career as an actress, show host, and media mogul. In show business, she’s really second only to Oprah Freakin’ Winfrey. She can keep all the “as a black person” stuff to herself; she has about as much idea how average black Americans live as Nancy Pelosi.

    She’s flat-out wrong that “white” is a singular and unique “race”. The Nuremberg Laws defined and codified exactly what the Aryan race is, how much “Aryan blood” a person must have to qualify, how much “Jewish blood” a person can have and still be Aryan (or when it’s too much and they’re still Jewish), etc. And “Aryan” does not equal “white”; among other things, Aryans are supposed to have blonde hair and blue eyes and come from Germany, while “white people” run the full spectrum of hair and eye colors and come from all over the globe.

    IOW, “white” isn’t a defined race so much as a catch-all term for ethnic backgrounds that don’t have a clearer definition or national origin.

    On that note, what the Hell is she talking about that “they all look the same to me”? We can present a veritable rainbow of eye and hair colors and skin complexions — every one considered “white” — and she can’t see a difference? Danny DeVito (Italian, short, slightly olive complexion, dark brown hair and eyes) looks exactly the same as Dolph Lundgren (Russian, very tall, fair complexion, blonde hair, blue eyes)? But we’re the racists because we can’t see past skin color?

    What. The. Actual. F@$#!

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