Columbus students take gun safety course at elementary school

We’ve seen these headlines before, generally it means that some gun infringer has gotten permission to go into the schools and spout off about how horrible guns are. How they need to tell the school if there are any guns in their home and other such crap.

Not this time, NBC 4 in Columbus Ohio is reporting that the schools brought in actual gun people to give classes in gun safety. Of course the used the NRA safety training for children.

  • Stop
  • Don’t touch
  • Run away
  • Find/tell an adult

This is the gist of the Eddy Eagle program. NRA is not mentioned, that would be a bit to much to expect, but still, real gun safety education in the schools.

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By awa

3 thoughts on “When the Headline is true?”
  1. We did this in our town’s elementary school last year for the first time. And we are the the heart (or hinderland) of bluest Connecticut. We used the Eddie the Eagle program and it was very successful. Credit goes to our school superintendent, but I will take some credit for initially hitting up the school board to push the idea and working with the superintendent to get an instructor and the Eddie the Eagle program materials. This is real Gun Safety. And once you watch the Eddie the Eagle movie you can’t get the jingle out of your head.

    1. Would you please write an article for us talking about how you got the program into your local school system? With as much detail as you can so that others can attempt the same.
      Thank you, AWA

  2. I sent you a short email. I’ll have to think about whether I’m up for an article. I have to dredge up what actually happened and my memory gets worse every year. I’ll let you know, because it is important, but my story is not very enlightening, in all honesty. I was lucky the way things happened.

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