Leave it to the democrats to squeeze a fantasy to death.  Dear old Alyssa Milano pretty much accused the Russians of meddling the Ohio elections via the Green Party.

Expect more of the same and even louder if they smell that the November elections will not only not bring the “Blue Tsunami” but be swamped by a Red Tide. And riots will follow to protest and excuse how come their voters were not attracted to any of the crap that got nominated by the Democratic party. .

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

10 thoughts on “When the internal polls are telling you to prepare for anal breach.”
  1. Actually, I am all for protecting the integrity of our elections. Let’s demand photo ID to register & vote. Let’s aggressively investigate vote fraud.

    But I suspect that’s not what they really want.

    1. I would respectfully add that the “Motor Voter” laws be repealed. These laws have the potential for massive voter fraud; however, the Dems will fight tooth and claw to preserve them. Coincidence, I think not.

  2. Now, I suspect that Bill’s seat is safe- the stealth Democrat campaign to blame the Okeechobee mess on Scott seems to be taking hold- that the people posting about it aren’t Dems and would be shocked to find out they’re doing their dirty work.

  3. Photo ID, yes.
    The other change that is clearly needed is a Federal law requiring all voting to be done with paper ballots. It’s fine for them to be scanned by machine, so long as they can be read by ordinary humans.
    The problem with “voting machines” is that there is no way, and no reason, for the voter to believe that what the machine actually records (if anything) has any connection with the stated intent of the voter. It’s perfectly trivial for a voting machine to display a vote for Joe on the screen, but count a vote for Fred instead.
    Paper ballots are the only type that allow a voter to confirm that the vote is what he intended. Combine this with adequate poll watchers and you have clean elections.
    Some states (like NH, I am told) have state law requiring paper ballots. But unfortunately, a number of other states have these untrustworthy electronic devices. The fact that some of them are made by known-bad companies like Diebold, or run known-dangerous software like Windows, only adds to the problem.

  4. “we need election security but are unwilling to admit that requiring an id of some form to vote is an existing and logical manner to help secure elections”

    Also all these reports of tampering, Russian interference, and penetration never get explicit in what exactly has happened.

    Just like for 2016 every media outlet said hack the election so everyone thought like oh voting machines and tallies have been compromised! But no they really meant hack as in like social engineer which really amounts to not hacking so much as attempts to influence.

  5. “The Russian’s are meddling” has become the Left’s chicken little rant in order to scapegoat all of their failures and shortcomings.

  6. Well, it is working. The real russian plot is working, not the false narrative being presented.

    What “real” russian plot?

    Not the one to install Trump in the Presidency, or to create a new world war. The one to destroy the faith the average citizen has in the election system of the US.

    It is working, and your proof is right there. No one believes the results anymore. Either the machine is screwed up, the votes miscounted, or secret spies are casting votes against the wishes of the masses.

    What better way to undermine the US Government than to convince the populace that the election system is not working, and the elected officials have not actually been elected by the people?

    1. Then again, crooked and fixed election have been a thing since the secret ballot was first introduced. SOP during the 19th century was to grow out your beard, vote, have a partial shave, vote again, repeat.

    2. Yes… I’ve been pointing out that the Dem. party has been working very hard as Russia’s agents in bringing about the success of that plot.
      That said, there have been actual demonstrations of actual hacking of voting machines. Given the technology involved, it’s no surprise that this is possible. Whether such attacks have been used in practice, as opposed to only in test settings, is a separate question.
      But never mind hackers — why would any voter trust that an electronic voting machine is free from tampering by the staff operating it? Again, there is only a single type of voting mechanism that Joe Average can rationally trust: a paper ballot, marked with pen, and either counted by hand or by a scanner (but subject to recounts by hand).

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