Welcome Back Segregationism!


A Seattle-area school board is defending its decision to offer racially segregated meetings to help select a new superintendent. The board president claims non-white parents feel more comfortable “surrounded by other people similar to them.” The defense is condescending and racist.

The Issaquah School Board is holding several meetings with parents as they pick a superintendent to replace the retiring Ron Thiele. One of the meetings, however, was meant for white parents to self-select out of attendance. It was labeled “Meeting for Parents/Guardians of Color and Parents/Guardians with Students of Color.”

As parents showed up to testify at last Thursday’s school board meeting, board president Anne Moore defended the decision to hold a separate — but presumably equal — meeting.

Rantz: School board defends segregated meeting, says ‘marginalized’ are uncomfortable around whites – MyNorthwest.com

I swear, not even Bull Connor could have conjured such an effective way to keep minorities away from Whites.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

12 thoughts on “When the past catches up and you try to defend it.”
  1. The board president claims non-white parents feel more comfortable “surrounded by other people similar to them.

    So the school board president is one of those “they all look the same to me” types.

  2. “The board president claims non-white parents feel more comfortable ‘surrounded by other people similar to them.'”

    Back in the sixties (yeah I’m that old), I recall an almost identical argument regarding Black students attending “White” schools. Segregation was to provide the Black children with a more “comfortable” learning environment.

  3. Democrats are going to Democrat.
    Lies are more effective when you can tailor your lies to your audience.
    Next time it will not be called slavery. It will be Corporate Social Labor Partnered Welfare Sponsorship of Families for Generations. It will also be open to all races, genders, and creeds for permanent transferrable corporate “sponsorship.”

      1. @Rob Crawford: The schools had that where my kids attended. I tried talking about the disconnect with my wife and she gave me “the look”.

  4. Bull Conner didn’t… but LBJ did.
    Promise them government aid, trickle it out while complaining those dastardly Republicans are holding back the real payday. and promote white Democratic politicians as the people who can make thing right, and what was his quote again?

    1. Rumored to be said by LBJ, when signing the 1968 Civil Rights bill: “We’ve just bought the n****r vote for the next 200 years”. Perhaps true, perhaps not, but on the mark either way.
      The one glitch is that (considering an article in today’s WSJ) it may be more like 50 years, not 200. Voters are starting to realize Democrats and their victimhood pimps are not their friends.

  5. “Welcome back?” Hardly. This shit has been running for several years. Separate orientations, separate dorm, separate student centers, separate commencements.

    We should harness the spinning in King’s grave.

    1. I’m waiting for Biden to announce the James Corvus Act, where the government guarantees safe and equitable drinking apparatus, dining areas, education, houses, and other benefits for black people.

      This would be followed by the 1619 Act. where minorities are given lifetime employment in sustainable green careers, free eco friendly tiny housing, free education & healthcare, and guaranteed protection from white colonization.

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