She says she has the urge to pantomime randomly jumping white people to scare them.

What happens when she does it and discovers that the person she does this to fights back legitimately believing they are under attack?

All this TikTok does is pile on the evidence that Progressivism doesn’t want tolerance or harmony, it’s just violent grievance revenge fantasies.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “When this backfires she’ll claim she’s the victim of racism”
  1. That kind of punk ass sh*t reminds me very strongly of middle/high school bully culture. Now she’s an “adult”, ostensibly teaching something in a culture she never matured out of, advocating antisocial behavior against her out tribe.

    Provocative “DO SOMETHING” twitches and jerks will get precisely that from someone properly primed.

    Methinks the look on her face will change dramatically in the moment she recieves appropriate “push back”, literally flat on her ass.

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