The idiots of Extinction Event are “blocking” an intersection in DC as I write this. I use the term “blocking” because it looks like DCPD already diverted traffic and about the only cars in the intersection are police ones.

somebody was live streaming the “protest” and I saw this young something with this sign:

The first thing my mind popped up was “Soylent Green” from the 1973 movie.

And just a reminder, Soylent Green is set in the year 2022. Where is Soylent Blue? It is 2019 and we are supposed to be living in a almost dead world and getting our nutrition via Soylent Blue.

Yeah, but the science was settled back then just like it os now.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

3 thoughts on “When you are raised in dystopian…”
  1. What they want, like all eco-nuts, is socialism. A centrally planned economy where out ability to consume is rationed to what they think it should be.

    Of course, when you think of socialism, you think of famine and starvation. So the direct aim of these idiots is exactly the opposite of the text of that sign.

    1. I just had an epiphany when reading your comment J-. Not specifically sure why, but…

      You said what they really want is socialism, a centrally planned economy. And, for the life of me I cannot imagine why anyone would want centrally planned anything at all.

      Then it hit me.

      These idiots do not want the government to run their lives. They want the government to run your life.

      The ecowarriors are all about “think globally, act locally.” but in reality, they full well know that no amount of city wide recycling will stop millions of tons of trash from going into landfills every day. No amount of hybrids will overcome the want/need for full size pickup trucks. They know it.

      So… they want a universal world government to enact and enforce the laws that they want.

      Apply the same logic to college tuition, healthcare, LGBTQWERTYWHATEVER rights. Socialism is the inevitable outcome of that fundamental need. Not because socialism will cure any of societies ills, but because the only people who are willing to run on a platform of the Government will take from one to give to the other, or the Government will impose restrictive laws to “save the whales.” are socialists.

      And, they conveniently forget that the law of unintended consequences is always in full effect.

      1. …unless the consequences you think are unintended are actually what they do intend.
        The other thing about socialists is that they assume that they will be the ones on top, the ones controlling other people’s lives. They forget the Trotsky effect — which says that they are more likely to end up executed by the secret police.
        Last but not least, some of them think that cutting the world’s human population drastically, by whatever means it takes, is a good idea. Take for example Bernie’s notion about the importance of birth control for third world countries. (Or was that abortion? I forget. But he sure seemed to be channeling Margaret Sanger.)

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