I was wandering through the depths of the internet when a meme from Brandon Herrera popped. I expected it to be another hit piece by his political opponent. The comments seemed to be leading that way. Then I zoomed int.

The meme is something like:

When you’re taken out with a set of NERF NODS and a guy with a $300 1911.

Is there such a thing as NERF NODS?

Not the cheapest NODs out there

It isn’t a real scope, the mount is shite, there are no crosshairs.

What it is, is a $30 camera that is sensitive in IR. This means you could potentially use this with said $300 1911.

What is the world coming to?

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5 thoughts on “When you are too cheap for…”
  1. a long time ago I found a set of “nods” in wallyworld. they were AAbattery powered had faint red leds for illumination. I rigged a headband from an led headlamp to hold them on. you could “toggle” thru different color vision. $45 whoppin dollars… would I bet my life on them in combat?? no. but they sure as hell beat stumbling around in the dark.. you could see about 20 feet max with them.

  2. Yea, that’s old news from months ago.

    It’s apparently not bad and holds up to some light recoil.

    You need to be on Gun TwiXer to keep up with the new shenanigans.

  3. I bought one a few months ago, for the lulz.
    Rail mount is neither Weaver/Pic nor 3/8″, but then both of those are intended for machined metal, not injection-molded plastic.
    Useful range is maybe 20 feet. Resolution is not great.
    But for the price it’s amazing that it even exists.

  4. My kids had something like this. It’s not a “true” NOD. What it is is an infrared flashlight/camera combo; the “flashlight” is an IR projector, the camera is sensitive to IR. It throws light at an wavelength invisible to the human eye, but the camera picks it up.
    If you cover up the IR projector, it goes dark. On the other end, if someone else is using one, your IR “flashlight” shines like a beacon; it will give away your position just as effectively as a forehead-mounted tac-light.
    But, as others are saying: First, if it’s stupid, but works, it ain’t stupid. (My thoughts exactly, Boris.)
    Second, the resolution and range aren’t much; you wouldn’t want to use them to scan your property outside. But it might help you see across a room in your house with enough clarity to: a. not trip over stuff, and b. know if something’s moving that shouldn’t be. You can use them to make the decision whether to go to actual lights.
    Would I take them into battle? No, absolutely not. But if it’s all you’ve got when something goes bump in the night, it beats injuring yourself and giving away your position by tripping over your kids’ LEGOs.

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