If the omicron variant continues to spread across Tennessee, hospitals may soon turn to a strategy that once felt unthinkable: Letting infected employees stay on the job. Hospitals across the state could ask doctors and nurses who are infected with coronavirus but still well enough to keep working to continue to treat patients.

To be clear, this strategy is a desperate one. It has been recommended as a “last resort” by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and recently employed by some embattled hospitals in California and Rhode Island.

In Tennessee, where hospital staff are in short supply, multiple hospitals have considered allowing infected but asymptomatic employees to keep working, said Andrea Turner, a spokesperson for the Tennessee Hospital Association.

This week in COVID-19: Hospitals may let infected employees keep working (tennessean.com)

In the search for the perfect COVID purity, the health systems went stupid to the point of almost uselessness. The problem is people are still getting sick from the regular stuff, but there is nobody to take up the slack because they were sent away. “Infected but asymptomatic” simply means they caught the bug and belong to the almost 99% of those who either are immune to the bug or their bodies took care of it. They are in other words, healthy individuals capable of doing work and take care of others, but in the search of the COVID purity (part and parcel of the COVID theater of Horror), were set aside as impure, but now are desperately needed.

I hope when this shit ends, the lesson learned is how fucked up the approach to fighting a sickness was done and how to never do it again. And I firmly believe that the final count of those who dies from other infirmities but could not be treated or prevented, will be tenfold the number of those who died from the Chink Flu.

And that head should roll high and far for it. And that is not a figure of speech.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

11 thoughts on “When you shoot yourself in the foot and now have to stop the bleeding”
  1. I hope we do learn … But such lessons seem to last around 10-20 years unless extraordinary measures are taken (and maybe not even then). That’s about the timescale for youngsters who missed the last “bad one” to enter the relevant workforce and think it can’t happen to them (if they even learned about it in the first place).

    I give as an example market manias and bubbles. 1980 precious metals, 2000 tech, 2008 mortgage-backet securities, (arguably) 2022 crypto… See also, rebuilding the same way in danger zones after a natural disaster.

  2. No, a real last resort would be admitting they were wrong about vaccines and vaccinations and rehiring all the perfectly healthy unvaccinated health care workers the idiots in the federal and state governments demanded they fire.

    I would rather “risk my life” being treated by an unvaccinated nurse or doctor than have actively ill vaccinated doctors and nurses coughing on me. There is also the added benefit that those dangerous unvaccinated health care workers are more independent and free thinking. IMO they would be more likely to notice and take action if my reactions to the standard treatments didn’t follow the average patient.

  3. One thing that goes unmentioned is that “infected but asymptomatic” merely means you had a positive test. And that means you are (a) infected to a level that you’re also infectious, or (b) infected to a low enough level that you aren’t infectious, or (c) the test result is a false positive.
    It also doesn’t get mentioned that the CCP flu is the only disease for which people are expected to stay home when not symptomatic. Before the CCP gave us this bug, workers anywhere would come to work when they felt well, but stay home when they felt sick (sick enough, by whatever definition they personally used for that). The current bug is unique in that well people are forced to be tested and are then made to stay home even though they feel perfectly healthy. As a scheme for wrecking the US economy this certainly makes sense.

  4. I sent an email to Miggy quoting a story that exposes that hospitals receive as much as $10,000 per patient that “dies with Covid,”
    So it in their best interest, financially, to make as many of their deaths a “Covid” death, regardless of comorbidities.
    A woman’s husband was on a ventilator, and the hospital was going to take him off the ventilator, and let him die.
    She succeeded in getting him out of that hospital, and into another one not so heartless.
    That’s how the story broke.

    1. D, was that a MN hospital where the patient was moved to TX (it took several court orders to get the MN hospital to comply)? I read an article about which reported that the TX doctors were amazed that the MN quacks had actually starved the patient, never mind that they wanted to kill him by shutting off ventilation.

  5. I seem to recall that the FUD was we don’t know how many ‘Typhoid Mary’ types may be out there spreading kung flu so everybody must get the vaxx.

  6. Well, they already allow the vaccinated-but-nevertheless-infected-and-transmissable people to come to work (most times without testing, because “vaccinated”), so I can’t see allowing infected-but-asymptomatic people to come to work really changing anything, except now they’ll be staffed at proper levels.

    It’s like allowing open carry of firearms instead of requiring all carried firearms be concealed. The guns were already there, and allowing them to be uncovered doesn’t make it less safe. It only adversely affects those with an unreasonable fear of guns, who were pretending there were no guns before.

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