I just caught an opinion piece in the Sun Sentinel titled: Arming teachers means we can now blame them if they don’t stop the next mass shooter Opinion by Frederic H. Decker.

He is not very fond of guns, gun owners and, of course, the NRA and President Trump. He believes in not being prepared is morally acceptable and pointing that out is just mean victim blaming.

But above all, he really-really does not like those evil AR 15s.  I guess he feels lions and lambs would be laying gracefully together in those infernal devices were not present in our planet. They are awful, deadly and there are thing you should not ask for from people:

Having well-trained police in schools — not armed teachers — may be appropriate today, for instance. But they shouldn’t be purposely required to battle shooters with assault weapons.

And he just spouted the same reason disgraced Coward of Broward Scott Peterson used to hide while Asshole Nikki Cruz went on his rampage. It must make Peterson happy that the Gun Control movement defends him  and why shouldn’t it? It is their trademark to side with the scum of society.

Maybe Mr. Decker will have some GoFundMe started for the legal expenses and replenishing the retirement funds of Scott Peterson.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

4 thoughts on “When you side with a coward in the name of Gun Control.”
  1. “Frederic H. Decker is a sociologist by training (Ph.D. from Florida State University) and a retired civil servant whose occasional columns on gun matters have also appeared in the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Fort Worth Star-Telegram and Orlando Sentinel.”

    This is why his logic is so bad and yet he sits so high upon his moral high horse. He’s an overly educated fool in a social science.
    Like George Orwell said “There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them.”

  2. There was a letter to the editor that made the same argument, in the WSJ. The writer (from NC) claimed that Peterson was badly outgunned because the creep had an AR-15. He went on to say that it was like the proverbial “bringing a knife to a gun fight”.
    What a crock. A service pistol is way better than a knife, especially if you assume (quite a stretch in this case, admittedly) that it is used by a person with some effective training, against a mentally defective criminal waving around a rifle.

  3. Compare any other form of death in this country, not to forget abortions, and the number of people killed by guns pales in comparison, yet the media and the gun control shills would have you believe that thousands of people are people knocked off daily. Why is that? Control.

    Crying wolf has gone too far…the message of gun control is falling on deaf ears on both sides and that is readily apparent by the drop in support for gun control over the years. All one has to do is read the studies and polls done by the PEW foundation, and others who have followed this train wreck over the years.

    Look at how many refused to turn in their bump stocks…almost 99 plus% refused to turn them itn.

    What makes anyone think we will turn in anything else? What makes you think teachers won’t start arming themselves? What makes you think we will listen to the orders when they come to take your guns?

  4. And their excuse was that the SCOTUS said police have no duty to protect you. They read it wrong. Unless a special relationship exists they have no duty to protect the average Citizen, BUT the Police DO have a DUTY to respond to a crime in progress to the best of their ability. Or should the “To Protect and Serve” motto on so many Police cars be changed to “We Cleanup After The Crime”?

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