All you can do is tell people that they should hide their property or hand it over to criminals without resistance.

The law abiding have no other recourse than capitulation to criminals.

This is the death of a great civilization.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “When you take away the right and tools for self defense”
  1. How did they get to such a place? Gradually, and with people being afraid of being shamed for saying “No – this is not right.”

    1. We were there in the late 70s, mom is from there. There were incidents where a crime was being committed and citizens went to help the victims- the citizens were arrested for assult on the CRIMINALS. England managed to get citizens disarmed and pass numerous laws making citizens criminals if they defended themselves. Its the nanny state utopia where crime runs rampant and you must “do what the criminals say”…and gubmint is full of pompous aholes who look down thier nose at commoners who dare to do man things.. hell, they give people on welfare VACATIONS!!..

      1. @Curby:

        “We were there in the late 70s…”

        I didn’t realize that that $hit was going on the far back. My family was there in the early 70s and things seem OK.

        My BIL lives in London and we visited in 2003 and things seemed OK then. I guess that we were lucky.

  2. Other than fear of consequence what is keeping the “good” people from just going all Harry Brown on the bad folks at this point.

    Both here and there is there any other take than the police consider themselves above the law and are protecting and allowing crime at the direction of politicians towards some end?

  3. Farmer calls police, says a bunch of people are stealing his farm equipment.
    The police show up well after thieves have left, and issue a citation to the farmer for leaving mud on the road.
    Yeah, that is the UK these days. Got family there, and it is not getting better. They will put a dozen police on a motor vehicle accident investigation, and ignore an assault. Won’t get better until the population decides to do something about it. Soap box, ballot box, etc…

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