If you haven’t been following the case of Erica Thomas in Georgia, it’s not a terribly difficult one to understand.

Thomas is a Georgia state rep, she is black, nine month’s pregnant, and a far Left Democrat.

She went through the “10 Items or Less” lane with more than 10 items.  Some guy – another Trump-hating Democrat, who is Cuban but looks white – picked a fight with her for being one of those people who abuses the express lane in the grocery store.

Thomas went to social media with a sob story about how his white man said “go back where you came from” because she is black and Trump is bringing the racists out of the woodwork, etc.

Turns out it was just two Lefty assholes having an asshole pissing match in a Publix, but Thomas being a state rep, tried to make victim credit hay out of it.

That should be where this story ends, but it doesn’t,

See, once you try to launch yourself onto the national stage with something like this, people will dig through your history to try and prove or disprove your victim status.

Something interesting was dredged up.


Holy shit, that’s bad.

Even the blood dancing ghouls at Moms Demand Action didn’t try to generate sympathy for Nikolas Cruz when trying to blame the NRA for the Parkland shooting.

Here is Thomas making Cruz a victim of the system.

I don’t know what is going to happen next, but it is going to be very hard for the usual people on her side to ignore this.

That said, if her chances in Georgia are done, she might be able to get a job on Scott Israel’s reelection campaign with that tone-deafness.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “When you thought that the guy who shot up Parkland had no friends”
  1. “Turns out it was just two Lefty assholes having an asshole pissing match in a Publix,”

    This. And in typical assholey fashion, they’re are suing the hella out of each other to see who can play the better victim and out-progtard each other.


    She being a supporter of the Parkland murdered is just icing on the cake. She is done.

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