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12 thoughts on “When your balls are bigger than your brain and ability”
      1. Oh don’t get me wrong. He’s an asshole alright but that’s not a bad thing. 😀

        Hell, I encounter assholes like that guy in the Honda regularly and I may or may not drive similar to the guy in the truck.

    1. Homesteading the left lane is a traffic violation in many states. Irrational responses by others is not the answer to any problem though.

  1. I’ve seen that happen to jerks before. Had a guy come up next to me on the shoulder at a 4 way stop. Floored it to get in front of me, kicking gravel all over my car. I watched him pack it in on a corner not too far ahead. I slowed down and honked politely as I drove by. If you endanger me, I don’t stop to render aid. My rule is: If you wouldn’t do it to me in the movie theater line, don’t do it to me in traffic”. The truck driver should have just let the jagoff go, but the problem is there don’t ever seem to be enough cops nailing these jerks. I would be mostly upset that I got some dirt on my ride from his crash.

  2. What is the mantra when you are carrying?

    Do not escalate.

    The asshole in the truck knowingly and deliberately escalated the situation. Sorry, but the Accord driver was an asshole, aggressive driver, obviously dealing with some road rage. And the truck chose to make them angrier?

    Nope. While there is plenty of blame to go around, this would never have happened if the truck just let them pass. Slow down a touch, speed up nudge, whatever. Make it someone else’s problem.

    1. Maybe. But how can you let a guy behind you pass when he keeps swerving from left to right and back again? You can only get out of the way of someone who isn’t dancing all over the place.

  3. The guy in the truck, obviously, had been blocking the left lane before the video began. Do not block the left lane. Pass and relinquish the left lane . The guy in the truck deliberately accelerated to keep blocking. He is the greater instigator.
    I do not know where the incident occurred, but it reminds me of driving in Alabama or Florida. At least in Puerto Rico, they drive on the left lane because the right lane tend to be tored-up.


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