This Saturday, there is going to be a big production of Easter Egg hunting where somebody you may or may not know works. As you can imagine, preparations are being made and people are giddy about it, but the fly in the ointment has been this odd Hispanic Catholic who cannot seem to be getting in the spirit.

When asked why he was not as excited as the rest of the associates, the answer was:

“We are commemorating the torture by lashing and death of Jesus on the cross followed by his resurrection. I fail to see why and how that is done by having a party where collecting fake eggs stuffed with weird things and candy delivered by imaginary giant rabbit (a mammal by the way) is the proper way to go about it.”

No adequate response was given to the person.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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6 thoughts on “Where a “heathen” may have been seen.”
  1. Lent is the period of fasting and sacrifice where Christians are supposed to reflect upon the selfless surrender to torture and execution of Jesus. 40 days isn’t enough?

    Easter is the celebration of the miracle of His Resurrection. How is that not a happy occasion?

    Catholics, in my opinion, are too fixated on the death of Jesus. Even the Catholic crucifix includes Jesus’ body on it. The Protestant cross is empty because we place more emphasis on celebrating his resurrection and eternal life. Easter is a joyous occasion and, although magical egg laying bunnies and plastic eggs filled with candy have nothing to do with the resurrection, it’s a fun tradition and the image of scores of little kids excitedly searching for eggs in the grass is a great symbol of that joy if you ask me. As far as I’m concerned, having fun…and especially enjoying little kids having fun…is not a sin.

    1. What Sailorcut said. The Easter bunny and egg hunts have as much to do with the resurrection as a pine tree in your living room covered in ornaments with presents beneath has to do with His birth. It’s just a fun tradition that has developed. Let the kids have a good time. We should be happy. Overjoyed. The Messiah conquered the cross and rose.

  2. Firstly, I am truly sorry you don’t get it. Let me explain what conclusions I have come to over the decades. First, Christians did not crucify Christ. Jews crucified Christ. I am not hating any Jew for what a corrupt mob inspired 2000 years ago, but that is the fact. The Christian sect came about after His Crucifixion and Resurrection. I will celebrate that. Why eggs? Because eggs are a Jewish symbol for life. Why it has turned into a party? Because the resurrection is something to be celebrated. I hope you can consider being happy for the kids and everyone else on Easter day..

    1. Don’t blame the Jews, the Romans crucified Jesus. Blaming the Jews causes pogroms and blood libels, and you should know better. Even the Pope says so.

  3. If they never crucified Christ on the Cross, he would never have been Resurrected 3 days later. It was necessary for Christianity to become the moral and religious force it is today.

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