Do you remember this trypitc of hate on CNN, where host Don Lemon and two other inflamed anuses mocked Trump supporters for being stupid, showing absolute seething contempt for middle America?

The asshole on the Left is Wajahat Ali.

He decided to take to Twitter with his “I’m a victim” crocodile tears.

Yeah, the rich CNN contributor who feels emboldened to get on TV and spew vile hatred towards millions of Americans who make far less than he does and have no media network backing them, he’s the real victim.

Keep in mind, his daughter had stage 4 liver cancer, and survived and is now cancer-free. I’m not mocking her for that. That is absolutely Amazing. Where did she get her treatment? In the United States of America. Tell me where the fuck else in this world does this piece of shit want to escape to that has the resources and technology to do for his daughter what America did. When the elite of Europe or Canada get cancer and want to survive, they come to the US and go to Mayo or Sloan Kettering. They don’t chance it on the healthcare rationing of their national healthcare systems.

But never mind that. America is a terrible racist place that he has to have his escape plan from.

If it was just Ali being a victim, I wouldn’t bother with this, because fuck him.

What incensed me were the Progressive Jews in his feed who felt the need to chime in with some sort of solidarity.

None of the Jews I know have an escape plan. I don’t feel “it” in my bones.

Oh really? What lines has Trump crossed? The one where he acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital of Israel? The one where he condemned the antisemitic BDS campaign? I know, it’s that he has Jewish children and grandchildren and Progressive Jews don’t.

Really, why?

Canada, as in the country run by the Liberal Party of Canada, which like the UK Labour Party is stewing in Woke Antisemitism? That one? The one run by the Prime Minister who give an Islamist terrorist a multi-million dollar payday for joining a terrorist cell and shooting an American medic? The same Prime Minister who has repeatedly donned blackface and made casual Antisemitic remarks?

He’s better than Trump?

There is stupid, then there is full retard.

She wants to avoid the very unlikely chance that Trump will start rounding up the Jews by going into Northern Mexico which is under the control of the Sinaloa Cartel? Does she want to get murdered? I guess she has no problem with being kidnaped, raped repeatedly, and cut to pieces with a chainsaw, as long as the motivation isn’t Antisemitism.

Since Trump? Not since Naveed Afzal Haq shot six women at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle? Not since Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad shot up a Rabbi’s home before attacking the Little Rock recruiting office? Not since a Pakistani cab driver beat up an Orthodox Jew in an NYC city street and people just stood around and watched? Not since the beginning of all the attacks on Orthodox Jews in New York and New Jersey since Bloomberg was mayor? Not since “pro-Palestinian” activism on college campuses has turned into Antisemitic hate fests that promote BDS, defend Islamic terrorism, and call for the genocide of the Jews? Not since Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib spread Antisemitic conspiracy theories and the blood libel from the US House of Representatives? Progressive Jews can’t acknowledge any of that.

So I have to ask, where on God’s Earth are you going to go?

Progressive Jews hate Israel, so that is out of the question.

Antisemitic Liberal Canada?

Maybe the UK?  No, that’s now a “fascist country” since Boris Johnson and Brexit.  Except for the “European City” of London, which is under the control of the Jew-hating Labour Party and is just awash in blood from stabbings and runoff from acid attacks, and Jews are attacked and live in constant fear from the Muslim immigrant community.

The same Antisemitic violence is taking over France.  German Antisemitism is half imported from Muslim nations and half a resurgence of Nazism.

Tell me where other than the US and Israel do Jews stand any chance?  Jews are leaving Europe because of the violence towards them.

Central and South America are failed or failing socialist or narco states.

Where are you safer?

Oh, that’s right.  It’s not about actual, factual safety.  It’s that you are Progressives and hate Trump.

Jews could be murdered every single day in New York and California, but as long as it’s President Sanders or Warren ignoring it, all is well.

The threat these Jews face isn’t White Supremacism under Trump, it’s their own Partisan blindness.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Where are you going to go you effin idiots? Why Leftism makes Jews stupid.”
  1. “My father is an immigrant from Pakistan who came to this country 50 years ago. He’s not an alarmist. This is the first time he has repeatedly asked where’s the “escape plan” for his brown, Muslim grandchildren. Where can they go & be safe? It’s sobering that he’s thinking this.

    — Wajahat Ali (@WajahatAli) February 19, 2020″

    I recommend Venezuela if you progtard morons are so “afraid” of Trump. RME

    1. Go and be safe?

      From what?

      Look, I am getting really tired of this “muslims are all oppressed” bullcrap.

      Please someone help me out here. I am looking for any recorded instances of muslims being oppressed for a situation that they did not place themselves in. Please anyone, I am begging you. Provide me documented evidence of a muslim being fired, discriminated against, violently attacked, or even insulted that was not in some way self induced.

      No, that truck driver that took a job with a beverage distribution company is not being oppressed because his job duties included delivering alcohol.
      No, that mosque is not being oppressed because they choose to broadcast the call to prayer at ear bleeding levels five times a day in an otherwise quite neighborhood.
      No, you are not being oppressed because you choose to create your own police force and call it the muslim community patrol, and people do not like that you are evaluating whether your dress is of sufficient length.

      Com’n people. Help me out here. Any recorded instances of oppression of muslims in the US. Actually, can anyone provide any proof whatsoever that muslims are being treated in anyway other than equal to pretty much ever other religion?

      Frankly, i am sick of pretending that muslims deserve some kind of special treatment because of their self proclaimed victim status.

  2. I am a Christian, who loves Jews and the nation of Israel. I have contacted the ministry of Israel on several occasions when things in their country have concerned me, and have gotten positive responses. So I am certainly not anti Semitic by any means.
    But I have a very hard time, over the last several years over what I have been seeing from Jews living in America. As you pointed out, it certainly seems like as time goes on, more and more young Jewish people claim to have roots in the holocaust. They wear it as a badge of honor, while rejecting the many other, more tangible and important parts of their Jewish heritage. I am not saying that they have to be religious, or even spiritual, but it seems like many Jews under the age of 40 are almost anti Semitic themselves. Like they want to apologize for their Jewish background, unless it is convenient for them to assert just how they are leaning on their race and how that makes them afraid of what is, without even arguing, the greatest nation on earth, both now and ever.
    I will tell you, my love for Jews came when I was perhaps 9 years old or so. I was a voracious reader, and read a book titled Medical Block Buchenwald, written by Walter Pollack. It basically followed the title of the book, and while it was perhaps over the head of the average youth of my age, I was ahead of my years, due to my huge reading volume, and I never was the same after reading that book. I was pretty naive at that age, being born in 1960 and raised in a very tiny town in Michigan, and then to learn for pretty much the first time about just what the holocaust involved, not only changed my entire way of looking at the world, but it gave me a burden for Jews, and their plight. It was only after becoming an adult and getting more involved in studying the Bible, which of course in my reading I had read through, that I actually started to know a bit of the history of the nation of Israel, and their place in the future days.
    What I have never been able to understand is the Jews, both in America, and in Israel, being at times, willing to ignore their security, in exchange for the appearance of peace. So long as the sun shines, and there are people who hate Jews, there will be no peace. And Jews everywhere should be prepared for such things, where they are. There is no running away from hate.

    1. They are Progressives, which mean they have abandoned their Jewish values for Leftist values. They claim (maybe accurately so) relationship to holocaust survivors for victim credit only. They don’t really care about protecting Jews.

  3. Ever since 0bama was in office, the victim status has nothing to do with actual violence or discrimination. It has to do with the fact that the President of the United States is not elevating these demographics to elite status any more.

    Trump simply said you are equal to everyone else. That, in the progressives little victim oriented mind is oppression.

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