Where I agree with Wil Wheaton – update

I saw this Tweet from Wil Wheaton:

Using thread reader I have unrolled his thread for easier blog reading (I’m going to start doing this with threads).

I have not looked at Twitter since … Sunday? Maybe early Monday morning? And I had a *great* week. Twitter has become terrible, and my life is better without it. Maybe yours will be, too. Try cutting it out, entirely, just for the weekend. We’ll talk about it Monday.

Logged out on Friday, and spent the whole weekend being present with my family, creating art I care about, pretending to be an adult, and not having the angry hate machine buzzing in my pocket. My small experiment says life is better without Twitter. 1/

It’s a real shame that Twitter’s leadership doesn’t seem to care about the hateful people it empowers, and enforces its own TOS so unevenly, giving preferential treatment to high profile people like Alex Jones, who have *clearly* broken that same TOS. 2/

The Alex Jones thing is the last straw for me. Every other social network has rightfully removed that awful man’s ability to use their platform to spew his hate, to attack and hurt people like the Sandy Hook parents, except Twitter. Why? I believe it’s a failure of leadership. 3/

I’m just posting this here for the few of you who care: I’m planning to sign out and stay signed out unless and until Twitter follows the leadership of other social networks, and says enough is enough to Alex Jones and people like him. 4/

Twitter is a private business and can decide who and what it promotes and enables. There are certain things that just should be outside the bounds of civil society. Attacking parents whose children were murdered should be one of those things. 5/

Twitter used to be fun. It was a potential force for good in the world, but it’s become the social network equivalent of that cool punk club that was taken over by skinheads, and I don’t want to be part of it any more. 6/

So a bunch of us are hoping that Twitter will take Alex Jones’ hate and cruelty and flaunting of Twitter’s own TOS seriously, and ban him. If you want to join us, @shannoncoulter has made it really easy to take some action. 7/

Thanks for listening. If you just can’t live without my dumb jokes, #Resistance posts, and pictures of my pets, I’ll still be at Instagram and Facebook (itswilwheaton)

Wil is upset that Twitter still has Alex Jones on the platform and wants to boycott Twitter until they shut him up.

I don’t agree with him on that.

I do agree that Twitter has become toxic as a sewer in Norlisk.

I recently was permanently suspended from Twitter.  I made about a dozen tweet and total number of Tweets and replies since I created the account during the 2016 election is 680.  I had less than a dozen followers and followed eight people.

The justification I got was “After investigating your appeal, we have determined that your account posted content that was threatening and/or promoting violence in violation of the Twitter Terms of Service. Accordingly, your account has been suspended and will not be restored.”

I have no idea what I said that was threatening or promoting violence.  Really.  I don’t.  And Twitter won’t tell you.

I have no desire to go back to Twitter.  I got rid of Facebook back in 2008 and never looked back.  I don’t have an Instagram account or YouTube channel.  Other than this blog, my social media presence is zero.

I have decided this is for the best.

Here is my prediction:  Social media will implode on Wednesday, November 4, 2020.

Currently the Democrats do no have a coherent message other than “We hate Trump.”  Second to that is “we love socialism” which is less of a winning strategy than they think it will be.  To anybody with a brain, Peter Strzok made the FBI look as corrupt as humanly possible.  Now that he got fired, the Democrats have turned him into a hero and are buying him a lavish lifestyle for committing perjury and destroying the last of the FBI’s reputation.

So I have a feeling Trump will get reelected.

Social media has become a cesspool of harassment and shaming and it is clear that the founders, owners, and managers of these sites are terribly biased.

My fear is that come the reelection of Donald Trump, the Left on social media will lose the last of their shit.  Anybody who is not in total lockstep with them will be a target for complete annihilation.

Did you not spend election night cursing Trump on your Twitter feed?  Congrats, you will now be doxxed.  Any clients or business partners you have will be harassed until they drop you.  You will lose your job, your income, your house, your friends, everything.

Actually hurting people is hard work, but internet mob shaming is right up their alley.

This is where I see it going and getting off social media before the fallout might be the smartest plan.

Maybe I’m being paranoid, but things are going downhill quickly.

Not 5 minutes later I see this:

Translation: “We should use Social Justice to silence dissenters to our orthodoxy.”

This is coming from a Twitter employee.  The people who have access to your data.  Let that sink in.

4 Replies to “Where I agree with Wil Wheaton – update”

  1. You just gave me some more reasons not to sign up for Twitter, never mind Facebook.
    As for “the last of the FBI’s reputation” — something occurred to me the other day. What is (should be) the reputation of an organization that has the name “J. Edgar Hoover” on its headquarters building? From what I can see, nothing that Comey or McCabe or Strzok have done is at all out of line with what the FBI plainly and publicly stands for as expressed by the name of their headquarters building.

  2. So, Soy Boy Will Wheaton has finally figured out that social media is toxic, overwhelmingly negative, and that life is better without it? Good on him, though he did it for the wrong reason – he’s disgusted that it gives people he disagrees with a voice, and thinks those voices should be silenced. A much better reason would be that 99% of people’s opinions don’t have any effect on your life, and it’s better to live away from social media – the pulpit of the vain and irrelevant – than it is to waste a second of thought or concern on anyone using it. It’s literally destroying our country.

    I’d love to see the people who came up with, own, and maintain both Twitter and Facebook put into a ring for a giant knife fight. Last man standing gets put into a rocket and shot into the sun.

  3. To semi quote a great movie, “Social media is a strange game in which the only winning move is not to play.”

    And this is why I still don’t have a Facebook account and Twitter account that is only used for entering gun giveaways.

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