True story (I’ve told it on this blog before):

When I was growing up in Miami, I remember one time near the U of M campus, I saw some shithead college socialist wearing a Che Guevera shirt.

Hand to god, I saw an old Cuban woman hobble up to him with her cane, screaming “Che mato mis hermanos” (Che murdured my brothers) and then preceded to beat him in the head with her wooden cane.

He deserved every blow and then some.

So, lo and behold, Mayor Bill de Blasio, that six-foot five-inch communist fuck, proving that he is a stupid and clueless as he is tall, decided to use a Che quote to rally supporters in Miami:

There is nothing to say to that.

Words are useless at this point.

I just wanted that old Cuban woman from my youth to beat his ass to death with her cane.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Where is an old Cuban woman when you need one”
  1. Around here we have women of questionable sexual orientations wearing che shirts. It makes my tongue bleed cause I just wanta point out that they would be the first ones killed if che was in power….. the dumbing down of America.

  2. From my experience ymmv, few if any of them have gone beyond watching (or at most reading) Motorcycle Diaries aka One Narcissists Guide to Wronging Rights and Depressing the Oppressed.

    I mean seriously, the ‘Institute for Che Studies’ had to heavily edit his Cuban diaries so heavily because his other, less edited books,were being used to publicly show just how much of a narcissist, racist, and violent murderer he really was.

    His own violent government, realizing how unstable he was, kept him away from any real power and kept sending him out in the hopes he would get killed and martyred.

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